Rudolph Mat as, M. D., Professor of Surgery, Tulane University of Louisiana.

"This edition is destined to rank as high as its predecessors, which have placed the learned author in the fore of text-book writers. The more I scrutinize its pages the more I admire the marvelous capacity of the author to compress so much knowledge vn so small a space."

Scudder's Treatment of Fractures

With Notes On Dislocations

The Treatment of Fractures; with Notes on a few Common Dislocations. By Charles L. Scudder, M. D., Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Octavo of 734 pages, with 1057 original illustrations. Polished Buckram, $6.00 net.

Published June, 1915

The New (8th) Edition, Enlarged With 1057 Illustrations

The fact that this work has attained an eighth edition indicates its practical value. In this edition Dr. Scudder has made numerous additions throughout the text, and has added many new illustrations, greatly enhancing the value of the work. In every way this new edition reflects the very latest advances in the treatment of fractures.

J. F. Binnie, M.D., University of Kansas

"Scudder's Fractures is the most successful book on the subject that has ever been pub., lished. I keep it at hand regularly."

Scudder's Tumors of the Jaws

Tumors of the Jaws. By Charles L. Scudder, M. D., Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Octavo of 395 pages, with 353 illustrations, 6 in colors. Cloth, $6.50 net.

Published February, 1912 . With New Illustrations

Dr. Scudder in this book tells you how to determine in each case the form of new growth present and then points out the best treatment. As the tendency of malignant disease of the jaws is to grow into the accessory sinuses and toward the base of the skull, an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of these sinuses is essential. Dr. Scudder has included, therefore, sufficient anatomy and a number of illustrations of an anatomic nature. Whether general practitioner or surgeon, you need this new book because it gives you just the information you want.


Dislocations arid Joint Fractures

Dislocations and Joint Fractures. By Frederic Jay Cotton, M. D., First Assistant Surgeon to the Boston City Hospital. Octavo of 654 pages, with 1201 original illustrations. Cloth, $6.00 net.

Published July, 1910

Two Printings In Eight Months

Dr. Cotton's clinical and teaching experience in this field has especially fitted him to write a practical work on this subject. He has written a book clear and definite in style, systematic in presentation, and accurate in statement. The illustrations possess the feature of showing just those points the author wishes to emphasize. This is made possible because the author is himself the artist.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

"The work is delightful, spirited, scholarly, and original, and is not only a book of reference, but a book for casual reading. It brings the subject up to date, a feat long neglected."

The Surgical Clinics of Chicago

The Surgical Clinics of Chicago. By leading Chicago surgeons. Issued serially, one octavo of 200 pages, illustrated, every other month (six volumes a year). Per Clinic Year (February to December): Cloth, $14.00 net; Paper, $10.00 net.

Surgery From The Clinical Side

This new bi-monthly considers all departments of surgery from the clinical side, giving particular emphasis to differential diagnosis and treatment. It gives you the actual word for word clinics of 40 great teacher-surgeons of Chicago, representing all the important hospitals of that great center of post-graduate instruction. You get the day-in and day-out teachings of these men. You get their tried and proved methods of diagnosis; their operative technic; their plans of management; the benefit of their years of experience, with a wealth of clinical material unequalled for variety and quantity. Add to the matter of the books the illustrations by Tom Jones, and the result is practically applied, absolutely fresh teachings, embodying all the new methods.

Kelly & Noble's Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery

Gynecology and Abdominal Surgery. Edited by Howard A. Kelly, M.D., Professor of Gynecology in Johns Hopkins University; and Charles P. Noble, M.D., formerly Clinical Professor of Gynecology in the Woman's Medical College, Philadelphia. Two imperial octavo volumes of 950 pages each, containing 880 original illustrations, some in colors. Per volume: Cloth, $8.00 net.

Volume I published May, 1907; Volume II published June, 1908

With 880 Illustrations - Translated Into Spanish

This work possesses a number of valuable features not to be found in any other publication covering the same fields. It contains a chapter upon the bacteriology and one upon the pathology of gynecology, and a large chapter devoted entirely to medical gynecology written especially for the physician engaged in general practice. Abdominal surgery proper, as distinct from gynecology, is fully treated, embracing operations upon the stomach, intestines, liver, bile-ducts, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, ureter, bladder, and peritoneum.

American Journal of Medical Sciences

"It is needless to say that the work has been thoroughly done; the names of the authors and editors would guarantee this, but much maybe said in praise of the method of presentation, and attention may be called to the inclusion of matter not to be found elsewhere."

Cushing's Brain Tumors

Tumors of the Nervus Acusticus and the Syndrome of the

Cerebellopontile Angle. By Harvey Cushing, M. D., Surgeon-in-Chief, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. Octavo of 296 pages,

With 262 illustrations. Cloth, $5.00 net. Published November, 1917

A Study Of 65 Cases

Dr. Cushing presents here an exhaustive study of tumors of the acoustic nerve. He gives you his own technic, and the results of study and observation of some thirty cases - a thorough presentation of the subject, embracing history, analysis of symptoms, physical examination, morphology, histology, and operative technic. You are given not only the surgical aspects, but the historical, symptomatic, and pathologic as well. The illustrations are particularly noteworthy.