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Elsberg's Surgery of Spinal Cord

Surgery of the 5pinal Cord. By Charles A. Elsberg, M. D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical School. Octavo of 330 pages, with 153 illustrations.

Cloth, $5.00 net. Published July, 1916

There is no other book published like this by Dr. Elsberg. It gives you in clear definite language the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes, illustrating each operation with original pictures. Because it goes so thoroughly into symptomatology, diagnosis, and indications for operation this work appeals as strongly to the general practitioner and neurologist as to the surgeon.

Cullen on the Umbilicus

Embryology, Anatomy, and Diseases of the Umbilicus. By

Thomas S. Cullen, M. B., Associate Professor of Gynecology, Johns Hopkins University. Octavo of 680 pages, with 269 illustrations.

Cloth, $7.50 net. Published May, 1916

In Dr. Cullen's new work you get chapters on embryology, anatomy, infections in the newborn, hemorrhage, granulation tissue at the umbilicus, umbilical polypi, gastric mucosa at the umbilicus, Meckel's diverticulum, intestinal cysts, patent omphalomesenteric duct, prolapsus of the bowel, concretions, abscess, etc.

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Albee's Bone-Graft Surgery

Bone=graft Surgery. By Fred H. Albee, M. D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the New York Post-graduate Medical School. Octavo of 417 pages, with 329 text-illustrations and 3 colored plates.

Cloth, $6.50 net. Published November, 1915


This book presents Dr. Albee's original applied technic for bone-graft work. The successful outcome of any procedure to restore the skeletal architecture depends not only upon a proper operative technic, but in many cases in a greater degree upon the skill with which the postoperative external fixation dressing is applied and in the convalescent management of the case. Dr. Albee here gives you his own successful technic and his own methods of dressing and management, all illustrated with original pictures.

Dr. Albee is a firm believer in the autogenous graft, and in making it he uses the most improved instruments and tools, all of which are shown you, and their use in actual work. This is the only book going fully into this important question of bone surgery, a field of surgical endeavor that is attracting pronounced attention over the entire surgical world.

Smithies and Ochsner's Cancer of the Stomach

Cancer of the Stomach. By Frank Smithies, M. D., Gastro-enterologist to Augustana Hospital, Chicago. With a chapter on the Surgical Treatment of Gastric Cancer, by Albert J. Ochsner, M. D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of Illinois. Octavo of 500 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $5.75 net. Published January, 1916

A Study Of 921 Cases

This work gives you the information gleaned from a study of 921 operatively and path-ologically demonstrated cases of gastric cancer.

This new work is the first monograph upon this subject for more than a decade, and represents some ten years' study of cases at the University Hospital of Ann Arbor, The Mayo Clinic, and the Augustana Hospital of Chicago. The wonderful advances made within this time are of the greatest importance to the clinician, the pathologist, and the surgeon. Dr. Smithies presents these advances in a most practical way. The chapter on Operative Treat-ment, by Dr. Ochsner, gives you the most approved and successful technic, illustrating the various operations with original pictures.

Hornsby and Schmidt's The Modern Hospital

The Modern Hospital. Its Inspiration; Its Construction; Its Equipment; Its Mangement. By John A. Hornsby, M. D., Secretary, Hospital Section, American Medical Association; and Richard E. Schmidt, Architect. Large octavo of 644 pages, with 207 illustrations. Cloth, $7.00 net. March, 1913

Hospital Efficiency

"Hornsby and Schmidt" tells you just exactly how to plan, construct, equip, and manage a hospital in all its departments, giving you every detail. It gives you exact data regarding heating, ventilating, plumbing, refrigerating, etc. - and the costs. It tells you how to equip a modern hospital with modern appliances. It tells you what you need in the operating room, the wards, the private rooms, the dining room, the kitchen - every division of hospital housekeeping. It gives you the duties of the directors, the superintendent, the various staffs, their relations to each other. It tells you all about nurses' training-schools - their management, curriculum, rules, regulations, etc. It gives you hundreds of valuable points on the business management of hospitals - large and small.

Howell Wright, Superintendent City Hospital, Cleveland

"To me the book is invaluable. I have a copy on my desk and scarcely a day passes but what I consult it and find what I want."

Allen's Local Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia. By Carroll W. Allen, M. D., Instructor in Clinical Surgery at Tulane University of Louisiana. Octavo of 608 pages, illustrated. Cloth,. $6.00 net.

Complete In Every Particular

This is a complete work on this subject. You get the history of local anesthesia, a chapter on nerves and sensation, giving particular attention to pain - what it is and its psychic control. Then comes a chapter on osmosis and diffusion. Each local anesthetic is taken up in detail, giving very special attention to cocain and novocain, pointing out the action on the nervous system, the value of adrenalin, paralysis caused by cocain anesthesia, control of toxicity. You get Crile's method of administering adrenalin and salt solution, the exact way to produce the intradermal wheal, to pinch the flesh for the insertion of the needle - all shown you step by step. You get full discussions' of paraneural, intraneural, and spinal analgesia, intravenous and intra-arterial anesthesia, and Hackenbuck's regional anesthesia by circumferential injections. You get indications, contraindications, an article on anoci-association, with Crile's technic for producing anesthesia. Then the production of local anesthesia in the various regions is taken up in detail. Spinal analgesia and epidural injections are considered in a monogragh of 45 pages. Published October, 1914 The New Keen's Surgery