Moynihan's Abdominal Operations

Abdominal Operations. By Sir Berkeley Moynihan, M. S. (London), F. R. C. S., of Leeds, England. Two octavos, totaling nearly 1000 pages, with 385 illustrations. Per set: Cloth, $11.00 net.

Published October, 1914

Third Edition, Enlarged

This new (3d) edition was so thoroughly revised that the work had to be reset from cover to cover. Over 150 pages of new matter and some 85 new illustrations were added, making 385 illustrations, 5 of them in colors - really an atlas of abdominal surgery. This work is a personal record of Moynihan's operative work. You get his own successful methods of diagnosis. You get his own technic, in every case fully illustrated with handsome pictures. You get the bacteriology of the stomach and intestines, sterilization and preparation of patient and operator. You get complications, sequels, and after-care. Then the various operations are detailed with forceful clearness, discussing first gastric operations, following with intestinal operations, operations upon the liver, the pancreas, the spleen. Two new chapters added in this edition are excision of gastric ulcer and complete gastrectomy, giving the latest developments in these operative measures.

Moynihan's Duodenal Ulcer

Second Edition

Duodenal Ulcer. By Sir Berkeley Moynihan, M. S. (London), F. R. C. S., Leeds, England. Octavo of 486 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $5.00 net.

Published March, 1912

For the practitioner, who first meets with these cases, Mr. Moynihan fixes the diagnosis with precision, so that the case, if desired, may be referred in the early stage to the surgeon. The surgeon finds here the newest and best technic as used by one of the leaders in this field.

"Easily the best work on the subject; coming, as it does, from the pen of one of the masters of surgery of the upper abdomen, it may be accepted as authoritative." - London Lancet.

Moynihan's War Surgery

American Addresses on War Surgery. By Sir Berkeley Moynihan, M. S., F. R. C. S., Surgeon General, A. M. S. 12mo of 143 pages. Cloth, $1.75 net. Published November, 1917

The experiences of this English surgeon, who has been in active service since the very beginning of the war, are contained in these lectures delivered on his recent visit to this country. He gives you treatments of war wounds - preparation, technic of use, and relative values of Carrel-Dakin's antiseptic, Bipp, Wright's physiologic solution, Rutherford Morison's method - repair of injuries to lungs, pleura, knee-joint, and peripheral nerves. He gives you here a vital message from the front.

Fenger Memorial Volumes

Fenger Memorial Volumes. Edited by Ludvig Hektoen, M. D., Rush Medical College, Chicago. Two octavos of 525 pages each. Per

Set I Cloth, $15 .00 net. Published May, 1912

Limited Edition

These handsome volumes consist of all the important papers written by the late Christian Fenger, for many years professor of surgery at Rush Medical College, Chicago. Not only the papers published in English are included, but also those which originally appeared in Danish, German, and French.

The name of Christian Fenger typifies thoroughness, extreme care, deep research, and sound judgment. His contributions to the advancement of the world's surgical knowledge are indeed as valuable and interesting reading to-day as at the time of their original publication. They are pregnant with suggestions. Fenger's literary prolificacy may be judged from this memorial volume - oven' 1000 pages.

Owen's Treatment of Emergencies

The Treatment of Emergencies. By Hubley R. Owen, M. D., Surgeon to the Philadelphia General Hospital. Octavo of 350 pages, with 249 illustrations. Published June, 1917 Cloth, $2.oo net.

Methods And Principles

Dr. Owen's book gives you not only the actual technic of the procedures, but also the underlying principles of the treatments, and the reason why a particular method is advised. You get chapters on fractures of all kinds, contusions, and wounds. Particularly strong is the chapter on gunshot wounds, which gives the new treatments that the great European War has developed. You get the principles of hemorrhage, together with its constitutional and local treatments. You get chapters on sprains, dislocations, burns, sunburn, chilblain, asphyxiation, convulsions, hysteria, apoplexy, exhaustion, opium poisoning, uremia, electric shock, bandages, and a complete discussion of the various methods of artificial respiration, including mechanical devices.

Radasch's Anatomy

Manual of Anatomy. By Henry E. Radasch, M. D., Assistant Professor of Histology and Biology, Jefferson Medical College. Octavo of 489 pages, with 329 illustrations. Cloth, $3.50 net. Published August, 1917

Dr. Radasch's new handbook is complete in both text and illustrations. Every effort has been taken to make the study of anatomy both easy and interesting, the many illustrations contributing markedly to this end.

Bryan's Surgery

Principles of Surgery. By W. A. Bryan, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery at Vanderbilt University, Nashville. Octavo of 677 pages, with 224 original illustrations. Cloth, $4.00 net.

Dr. Bryan here gives you facts, accurately and concisely stated, without which no modern practitioner can do modern work. He shows you in a most practical way the relations between surgical pathology and the resultant symptomatology, and points out the influence such information has on treatment. Published November, 1913

Mumford's Practice of Surgery

The Practice of Surgery. By James G. Mumford, M. D., Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School. Octavo of 1032 pages, with 681 illustrations. Second Edition published June, 1914. Cloth, $7.00 net.

Fowler's Operating Room Third Edition, Reset

The Operating Room and the Patient. By Russell S. Fowler, M. D., Surgeon to the German Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. Octavo of 611 pages, illustrated. Published March, 1913. Cloth, $3.50 net.