Surgery: Its Principles and Practice. Written by 81 eminent specialists. Edited by W. W. Keen, M. D, LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S., Eng. and Edin., Emeritus Professor of the Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery at the Jefferson Medical College. Six octavos of 1050 pages each, containing 3100 original illustrations, 157 in colors. Per volume: Cloth, $7.50 net.

Volume VI Gives You The Newest Surgery

All The Advantages Of A Revision At One-Fifth The Cost

We have issued a Volume VI of "Keen" - the volume of the newest surgery-In this way you get all the advantages of a complete and thorough revision at but one-fifth the cost. It makes Keen's Surgery the best, the most up-to-date surgery on the market.

In this sixth volume you get the newest surgery - both general and special - from the pens of those same international authorities who have made the success of Keen's Surgery world-wide. Each man has searched for the new, the really useful, in his particular field, and he gives it to you here. Here you get the newest surgery, and fully illustrated. Then, further, you get a complete index to the entire six volumes, covering 125 pages, but so arranged that reference to it is extremely easy. If you want the newest surgery, you must turn to the new

"Keen" for it. Volume VI published March, 1913

Keen's War Wounds

Treatment of War Wounds. By W. W. Keen, M. D., LL.D.,

Major, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. 12mo of 169 pages, illustrated. Cloth, $1.75 net. Published August, 1917

Treatments Being Used In France

This work, based on a report to the National Research Council, reviews the latest information. It is obtained by direct communication from the war hospitals in France. It gives the formulas, preparation, application, and results of Carrel-Dakin's solution, eupad, eusol, and other antiseptics being used with such marked success. It takes up the removal of foreign bodies, treatment and prevention of tetanus, gas infection and gas gangrene, head wounds, abdominal wounds, ambrine and No. 7 paraffin for burns. It is an important book, instructive from cover to cover.

Crandon and Ehrenfried's Surgical After-treatment

Surgical After-treatment. A Manual of the Conduct of Surgical Convalescence. By L. R. G. Crandon, M. D., Assistant in Surgery, and Albert Ehrenfried, M. D., Assistant in Anatomy, Harvard Medical School. Octavo of 831 pages, with 265 original illustrations.

Cloth, $6.00 net. Published May, 1912

Second Edition - Practically Rewritten

This work tells how best to manage all problems and emergencies of surgical convalescence from recovery-room to discharge. It gives all the details completely, definitely, yet concisely, and does not refer the reader to some other work perhaps not then available. The post-operative conduct of all operations is given, arranged alphabetically by regions. A special feature is the elaborate chapter on Vaccine Therapy, Immnunization by Inoculation and Specific Sera, by Dr. George P. Sanborn, a disciple of Sir A. E. Wright. The text is illustrated.

The Therapeutic Gazette

" The book is one which can be read with much profit by the active surgeon and will be generally commended by him."

Papers from the Mayo Clinic

Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic. By William J. Mayo, M. D., Charles H. Mayo, M. D., and their Associates at The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Papers of 1905-1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913. Each an octavo of about 800 pages, illustrated. Per volume: Cloth, $5.50 net. 1916 Papers (June, 1917): Cloth, $6.50 net.

The Newest Surgical Methods

These volumes give you all the clinical teachings, all the important papers of W. J. and C. H. Mayo and their associates at The Mayo Clinic. They give you the advances in operative technic, in methods of diagnosis as developed at this great clinic. This new volume, although called the 1916 volume, gives you many papers that did not appear until well into 1917, quite a few being scheduled for as late as May and June. You should add this volume to your Mayo files.

Bulletin Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland

" Much of the work done at the Mayo Clinic and recorded in these papers has been epoch-making in character. * * * Represents a most substantial block of modern surgical progress."

A Collection of Papers (published previous to 1909) By William J. Mayo, M. D., and Charles H. Mayo, M. D. Two octavos of 525 pages each, illustrated. Per set: Cloth, $10.00 net

Moorhead's Traumatic Surgery

Traumatic Surgery. By John J. Moorhead, M. D., Associate Professor of Surgery, New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital. Octavo of 760 pages, with 520 original line-drawings.

Published February, 1917. Cloth, $7.00 net.

Four Printings In Ten Months

Here is a new book on just this side of your practice - a work for the general practitioner, the surgeon, the mining, railroad and industrial physician, those having to do with Compensation Law, accident insurance and claims, and legal medicine. To those medical men engaged in or preparing for military service this work is proving of great value. For instance, it gives you at first hand the open air and sunlight treatment of wounds and Dakin's solution, its formula and application - treatments the European War has brought forward so emphatically.

DaCosta's Modern Surgery

Modern Surgery - General and Operative. By John Chalmers DaCosta, M. D., Samuel D. Gross Professor of Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Octavo of 1515 pages, with 1085 illustrations. April, 1914 Cloth, $6.00 net.

Seventh Edition

A surgery, to be of the maximum value, must be up to date, must be complete, must have behind its statements the sure authority of experience, must be so arranged that it can be consulted quickly; in a word, it must be practical and dependable. Such a surgery is DaCosta's. Always an excellent work, for this edition it has been very materially improved by the addition of new matter to the extent of over 250 pages and by a most thorough revision of the old matter. Many old cuts have been replaced by new ones, and nearly 150 additional illustrations have been added.