I. Hydrargyrum. - Mercury. Synonym. - Quicksilver.


Cinnabar, the native Sulphide, is roasted or distilled with Lime; the volatile Mercury is condensed in suitable aludels.


A shining, silver-white metal, easily divisible into small globules. Sp. gr. 13.5584.


Lead, tin, and other metals.


1. Hydrargyrum Cum Creta. Mercury With Chalk

Hydrargyrum Cum Creta. Mercury With Chalk. Synonym. - Gray powder.

By trituration of Mercury, 38; Prepared Chalk, 57; Clarified honey, 10; with sufficient water to 100. By keeping, the Mercury is liable to become Mercuric Oxide, which makes the powder more active. ' Strength. - 38 per cent. of Mercury.

Dose, 1/2 to 10 gr.; .03 to .60 gm.

2. Emplastrum Hydrargyri. Mercurial Plaster

Emplastrum Hydrargyri. Mercurial Plaster. Mercury, 300; Oleate of Mercury, 12; Lead Plaster to 1000. Strength. - 30 per cent. of Mercury.

3. Emplastrum Ammoniaci Cum Hydrargyro.Ammoniac Plaster With Mercury

Emplastrum Ammoniaci Cum Hydrargyro.Ammoniac Plaster With Mercury. Mercury, 180; Oleate of Mercury, 8; an evaporated solution of Ammoniac. 720; in diluted Acetic Acid, 1000; and Lead Plaster a sufficient quantity to 1000. Strength. - 18 per cent. of Mercury.

4. Massa Hydrargyri. Mass Of Mercury

Massa Hydrargyri. Mass Of Mercury. Synonyms. - Blue Mass. Blue Pill. Pilula Hydrargyri. Mercury, 33; Honey of Rose, 34; Glycyrrhiza, 5; Althaea, 25; Glycerin, 3. Strength. - 33 per cent. of Mercury.

Dose, 1/2 to 15 gr.; .03 to 1.00 gm.

5. Unguentum Hydrargyri. Mercurial Ointment

Unguentum Hydrargyri. Mercurial Ointment. Synonym. - Blue Ointment. Mercury, 500; Lard, 250; Suet, 230; Oleate of Mercury, 20. - Strength. - 50 per cent. of Mercury. a. Hydrargyri Oxidum Rubrum. - Red Mercuric Oxide. HgO=2i5.76. Synonym. - Red Precipitate.


Dissolve Mercury in diluted Nitric Acid. 3Hg+8Hno3= 3Hg(No3)2+2NO+4H2O. Evaporate to dryness. Triturate the Mercuric Nitrate thus formed, with Mercury, and heat. 2Hg(No3)2+Hg2=4HgO+ 2N2O4.


Heavy orange-red, crystalline scales, or a crystalline powder; having a somewhat metallic taste. Solubility. - Almost insoluble in water.


Red lead, brick dust, and mercuric nitrate.

Dose, 1/4 to 1 gr.; .015 to .06 gm.


Unguentum Hydrargyri Oxidi Rubri

Ointment of Red Mercuric Oxide. Synonym. - Red Precipitate Ointment Red Mercuric Oxide, 10; Castor Oil, 5; Ointment, 85.

3. Hydrargyri Oxidum Flavum. Yellow Mercuric Oxide

Hydrargyri Oxidum Flavum. Yellow Mercuric Oxide. HgO=215.76.


Precipitate a solution of Corrosive Mercuric Chloride, 1000; with Soda, 40. HgCl2+2NaOH=HgO+2NaCl+H2O.


A light orange-yellow, amorphous, heavy, impalpable powder, having a somewhat metallic taste. Not given internally. It is contained in Lotio Hydrargyri Flava B. P. - Corrosive Mercuric Chloride, I; Lime Water, 240. It has the same composition as the Red Oxide, but is more crystalline.