The root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, typica, or glanduli-fera.

Licorice is demulcent. It contains grape-sugar, starch, resin, and a glucoside named glycyrrhizin.

Pulvis Glycyrrhizae Compositus. Compound Licorice Powder.

A laxative preparation containing senna, licorice-root, fennel, sugar, and sulphur. Its action resembles that of castor oil. It is not a hydragogue cathartic, and given in moderate doses causes no griping, and acts gently - in the morning if given at night; in from three to six hours if given early on an empty stomach. Many patients find it nauseous; it is therefore best to make the dose small as possible by diluting it only a little and giving afterwards a larger quantity of water.

Average dose, ʒ i.-4 Gm.