Drugs Acting On The Kidneys

Diuretics, - increase the quantity of urine.

(1) Cardiac, - increase the flow of urine by action on heart, and general and local circulation.

Digitalis. Alcohol. Squills. Also strophanthus, spirits of nitre, and convallaria.

(2) Renal, - increase flow of urine by action on kidneys.

Salines. Buchu. Copaiba.

Also cubeb, sandalwood, capsicum, juniper, turpentine, cantharides, taraxacum, zea mays, uva ursi, and eucalyptus. Salines are potassium acetate, citrate, nitrate, and bitartrate, and sodium.

(3) Combined Cardiac and Renal, - act on heart, blood-vessels, and kidneys.

Caffeine. Diuretin. Water.

Also theobromine, scoparius, calomel, beer, and gin.

(4) Urinary Alkalinizers, - render the urine alkaline.

Salts of -Potassium. Sodium. Lithium.

(5) Urinary Acidifiers, - render the urine acid.

Benzoic Acid. Salicylic Acid.

Drugs Acting On The Bladder

Vesical Sedatives or Tonics, - improve the condition of the muscle and mucous membrane of bladder and urethra, reducing inflammation.

Copaiba. Salol. Urotropin.

Also cubeb, buchu, zea mays, eucalpytus, opium, belladonna, hyoscyamus, strychnine, salts of potassium and lithium, and local antiseptic and astringent applications.