Drugs Acting On The Spinal Cord And Nerves

Spinal Stimulants and Motor-Excitants - stimulate cells of spinal cord; act on motor nerves; increase reflex excitability.

Strychnine. Ammonia. Ether. Also picrotoxin (on medulla), ergot, and alcohol.

Spinal and Motor Depressants, - lower the activity of spinal cord and motor apparatus.

Bromides. Gelsemium. Chloral.

Also atropine, amyl nitrite, physostigmine, lobelia, tobacco, alcohol, ether and chloroform, cocaine.

Drugs Acting On The Brain And Nerves

Cerebral Stimulants, - increase the activity of the brain, most of them producing delirium if taken in large doses. Some (as alcohol) are narcotics at last.

Caffeine. Coca. Camphor.

Also cannabis indica, guarana, cocaine, belladonna, stramonium, hyoscyamus, theobromine, and alcohol.

Cerebral Depressants, - lower or suspend the activity of the brain.

(1) Hypnotics or Soporifics, - produce sleep.

Hydrated Chloral. Bromides. Opium.

Also paraldehyde, sulphonal, trional, somnal, amylene hydrate, hyoscine, exalgine, and urethane.

(2) Narcotics, - intensified hypnotic power. Cannabis Indica. Bromal Hydrate. Chloretone.

Also opium and other drugs.

Anoesthetics, - produce insensibility to pain.

(1) General Anaesthetics.

Ether. Chloroform. Nitrous Oxide.

Also alcohol, and many derivatives of alcohol and ether, Schleich mixtures, A C E mixture, ethyl bromide, pental, and bromoform.

(2) Local Anoesthetics.

Cocaine. Ethyl Chloride. Eucaine B.

Also ethyl hydrate, orthoform, carbolic acid, cold, sterile water, holocaine, ether.

Anodynes or Analgesics, - terms applied to drugs that relieve mild pain.

(1) General Anodynes.

Acetanilide. Opium. Bromides.

Also phenacetine, antipyrine, all narcotics, and many hypnotics.

(2) Local Anodynes.

Cold or Heat. Aconite. Menthol.

Also belladonna, stramonium, carbolic acid, cocaine, chloroform and other liniments, chloral, camphor, and opium. 3

Antispasmodics, - prevent or relieve spasm of muscle by action on nerve centres.

Amyl Nitrite. Ether. Bromides.

Also potassium nitrate, chloroform, chloral, camphor, conium, aromatic oils, asafoetida, valerian, alcohol, musk, belladonna, stramonium, hyoscyamus, lobelia, and opium.