(Sometimes useful in fevers and conditions in which only very small quantities of food can be taken).

1. Milk, peptonised, to which is added in each tumblerful one or two teaspoonfuls of (1) milk sugar (first dissolved in hot water), (2) the albumen of one or two eggs, (3) a tablespoonful of malted milk, Nestle's, Carnrick's, Benger's, or other proprietary food.

2. Meat juice squeezed, or strong broths, to which may be added one or two teaspoonfuls of such concentrated foods as Plasmon, Nutrose, or Somatose, or one of the fluid beef preparations, such as Johnson's Fluid Beef, Bovinine, etc.

3. Cream, half a tumblerful, with the albumen of one egg and a teaspoonful of some cordial, such as Curagoa or Benedictine, and a teaspoonful of milk sugar. (Suitable especially for consumptives).