(Useful in diabetes and in emaciation not due to gastrointestinal disorder, such as that of chronic phthisis and chronic sepsis, empyema, etc).

Fresh butter, one quarter pound or more per diem; suet, lard, margarine, and "drippings " used in excess in cooking, fat soups and broths, bone marrow, rich cheese, Devonshire clotted cream, cream diluted with water to the consistency of milk, and drank as a beverage (a pint or more per diem), olives, olive oil on salads, sardines, etc.; fat fish, such as mackerel and salmon; the fats of Russell's Emulsion, cod liver oil, oily nuts, such as fresh English walnuts, pecan, and Brazil nuts; bacon, pork, fat ham, fat goose and duck, and any form of fat meat, such as the tender fat of corned beef, bone marrow, egg yolk.