Dietaries For Young Children

The following diets are recommended by Starr as types for use from the period of weaning up to three and a half years or more:

Diet From The Twelfth To The Eighteenth Month (Starr)

7 a. m., stale bread soaked in a breakfast cup of new milk.

10 a. m., milk, six ounces, and soda biscuit, or a thin slice of buttered bread.

2 p. m., beef tea, six ounces, bread, and a tablespoonful of rice and milk pudding.

6 p. m., same as first meal.

10 P. M., a tablespoonful of Mellin's food in eight ounces of milk.

In alternation a lightly boiled egg with bread crumbs and six ounces of milk may be given at 7 a. m., and at 2 p. m. a mashed baked potato moistened with four tablespoonfuls of beef tea, two tablespoonfuls of junket.

The following is the sample diet given by Holt for a child eighteen months old:

First Meal

A tablespoonful of some cereal with salt and one tablespoonful of cream, one half pint of milk.

Second Meal

One half pint of milk.

Third Meal

One tablespoonful of scraped meat, two small pieces of dried bread, half a pint of milk.

Fourth Meal


Fifth Meal

Milk with farina or arrowroot.

Instead of scraped meat (p. 113), beef juice (p. 116) or a soft cooked egg may be substituted occasionally. Of the beef juice from one to three tablespoonfuls may be given at a time.

"The quantity of milk allowed at a single feeding for a child during the second year should be from eight to ten ounces during the first half and from ten to twelve ounces during the latter half of the year " (Holt).

Diet Front The Eighteenth To The Thirtieth Month (Starr)

7 a.m., new milk, eight ounces; the yolk of an egg lightly boiled; two thin slices of bread and butter, or else milk, and two tablespoonfuls of well-cooked oatmeal or wheaten grits, with sugar and cream.

11 a. m., milk, six ounces, with a soda biscuit or bread and butter.

2 p. m., one tablespoonful of rare mutton pounded to a paste, bread and butter, or mashed potatoes moistened with good dish gravy, a saucer of junket; or else a breakfastcupful of beef tea or mutton or chicken broth, a thin slice of stale bread, a saucer of rice and milk pudding.

6.30 p. m., a breakfastcupful of milk with bread and butter, or soft milk toast.

Diet from Two and a Half to Three and a Half Years of Age (i. e., for Children who have cut their Milk Teeth) (Starr)

7 a. m., one or two tumblers of milk, a saucer of thoroughly cooked oatmeal or wheaten grits, a slice of bread and butter.

11 a. m. (if hungry), a tumbler of milk or a teacupful of beef tea with a biscuit.

2 p. m., a slice of underdone roast beef or mutton, or a bit of roast chicken or turkey, minced as fine as possible, a mashed baked potato moistened with dish gravy,, a slice of bread and butter, a saucer of junket or rice and milk pudding.

7 p. m., a tumblerful of milk and a slice or two of soft milk toast.