Food Diseased In Itself

Diseased animals not unfrequently communicate their diseases to man. Thus so called "measly" cattle and pigs contain in the flesh or muscles innumerable small bladders, which are living animals of a low type. When these are taken into the intestines of man without being killed by thorough cooking they begin to grow, and form tape-worms. Another disease, found often in Germany, Russia, and Sweden, is trichinosis, which is caused by eating pork either raw or not properly cooked. Minute worms live in the muscles of the pig, and these, on getting into the intestines of man, begin to breed in enormous numbers ; the young worms then pierce the intestines, get into the blood-vessels and into the muscles, so causing diarrhoea, fever, pains in the muscles, and even death.

Certain diseases in cattle ought certainly to prevent them being used as food ; these are infectious inflammation of the lungs of cattle, cattle plague, and consumption in the cow, smallpox in the sheep, and trichinosis and swine fever in the pig. The milk also of cows affected with foot and mouth disease sometimes causes severe symptoms with very sore mouth and lips, and, rarely, sore hands in children, and it is almost certain that the milk of tubercular (consumptive) cattle will cause consumption in the human being.

Vegetable foods, if putrid and decayed, may cause severe illness, just as may happen with putrid animal food.

Good Food conveying Germs___This is most frequent in the case of milk, where it has been found that whole districts supplied by one milk farm have been affected with some disease, such as typhoid fever, diphtheria, or scarlet fever, and inquiries have shown that either at the farm or in the milk shop germs of these diseases have got into the milk, either from the air, from sewer gas, or more often from water taken from an impure source, and either added to the milk as an adulteration, or used for washing out the milk cans. These diseases carried by milk, as well as tuberculosis from the milk of tuberculous cows, can be entirely prevented by boiling the milk for at least five minutes before it is used.

Alcohol And Tobacco

Alcohol is not required by the body, and, as a rule, to which there are few exceptions, people are much better and healthier without it; for instance, it has been repeatedly proved that soldiers can bear the hard labor of war very much better when no alcohol is given to them. In large and repeated quantities it causes many diseases, such as gout, diseases of the liver, heart, brain, and nerves. When taken, it should never be between meals, but only with food ; it should never be given to children except when ordered by a doctor, and should never be taken by those who have insanity or drunkenness in their families. In the treatment of disease it is a most useful drug, but here again only to be used by a doctor's order.

Tobacco-smoking is a habit which should never be indulged in by any one under twenty-one years of age. Even after that age it is merely a luxury, and not a necessity, and if practiced in excess it may cause pain and irregularity of the heart, sore throat, dyspepsia, and partial blindness.