Alleger Ale Aigre

Vinegar made of ale. It is almost the only vinegar now employed in this country.


See Stannum.

Alliar Aeris

A term used in preparing the philosopher's stone, to signify philosophical copper, which is also called water of quicksilver, white copper, and many other names.


(From allium garlic; so named from the likeness of its smell and taste to garlic). Sauce aione, or Jack by the hedge; also called pes asini-nus, and hesperis "allium. It is the erysimum alliaria Lin. Sp. Pi. 922

The leaves are somewhat acrid, and of a garlic smell; on drying they lose much of their scent, and also of their taste. Its medical virtues are similar to those of the onion tribe, but the plant is not much in use. Their great acrimony renders them occasionally stimulant, and they are probably, as has been said, diuretic and errhine. Externally they have been supposed useful in putrid ulcers.

A Llicar. Seeacetum.


See Petroleum.


(From ad, and ligo, to bind). Scri-bonius Largus uses this word for a ligature or bandage. See Fascia.


(From Allioticum 360 to alter, or vary).

Galen. An alterative medicine, consisting of various antiscorbutics.

Allium Latifolium Maculatum. Allium Cepa

See Cepa.

Allium Gallicum

See Portulaca.


Lum Lat1folium Liliflorum. See Moly.

Allium ultricum. See Antiscorodon.

Allobrogicum Vinum

A sort of austere wine, produced in Savoy and Dauphiny.


(From Allochoos 361 another, and to apeak). One who talks deliriously.


(From Allognoon 363 another, and to know). To be delirious, or to conceive of things different from what they really are.

Allogotrophia Alogotrophia

(From Allogotrophia Alogotrophia 365 disproportionate, and alo, to nourish). A disproportionate nutrition, when one part of the body is nourished disproportionately to another. Blancard.


(From Allophasis 367 another, and to speak). A delirium, or to speak of things different from what they are. Hippocrates often expresses light headed, by the word


(From Allotriophagia 370 alienus, and commedere). See Pica.


(Aglma, pure, Heb.: Alma 372 water). See

AquA. Also the first motion of a foetus to free itself from its confinement.


A name for a kind of ochre used as an astringent. See Ethel.


See Llthargyrum.