(From Atmosphaera 1307 vapour, and a circle). The atmosphere. See Aer.


(From α, priv. and Atochia 1309 pario). Preternatural labour.


(From the same, so called because some-of the flowers bear no seed). See Antirrhinum.


(Indian). A sort of pap, made of the meal of maize and water, which the Indians mix with their chocolate.


(From α,neg. and Atonia 1311 to stretch). Atony; defect of muscular power. Relaxation, or debility. This word was much in use among the methodic sect, who ascribed the causes of all distempers to relaxation, stricture, or a mixture of both. It is generally synonymous with palsy, and applied to every instance of debilitv, particularly' in the' muscular fibres.

Atoyaxacotl Atoyaxacotl

Chi-chiltic. See Macaxocotlifera.


(From α, neg. and Atrachelus 1312 the neck ). Short necked.


Called cnicus, carduus luteus, car-duocnicus, distaff thistle, (from Atractylis 1313 a spindle).

It is a plant which grows in Italy, Greece, and other warm countries. Its leaves are of the same nature as those of the carduus benedictus, but the stalk is the part that is chiefly used. The women keep them for distaffs.


Ne, flammula Jovis, clematis recta Lin. Sp. Pi. "67, and traveller's joy. The whole plant is of a caustic quality, and laid on the skin quickly raises a blister. It has been used as a diuretic; and the infusion or extract has been given in the worst states of syphilis. Externally it has been applied to syphilitic sores and cancers. The infusion has been used in the form of a lotion. From two to three drachms of the dried leaves are infused in a pint of water; and of the extract of the leaves, from one to three grains are a dose. Some species of the clematis have been separated under this generic name, but it contains none of the medicinal kinds. Dale.

Atramentum Sutorium

A name of the green vitriol, and melantoria. See Vitriolum vi-ride.


Or Atraphraxis,(from Atraphaxis 1314

Atraphaxis 1315 so called from its quick growth). See Atriplex.


(From α, neg. and Atresia 1316 or to perforate). Imperforation. See Atreti.

Atretarum Ischuria

(From α, non, and Atretarum Ischuria 1318 to perforate). A suppression of urine, from the menses being retained in the vagina. See Ischuria vesicalis.


Imperforate, (from α, priv. and Atreti 1319 to perforate). Those of either sex are thus called, when their anus, or any other natural aperture, is closed.