Medicamentosus Lapis

(From medica-jnentum, medicine). The medicinal stone, which consists of litharge bole and alum, of each lb ss. colcothar of vitriol Medicamentosus Lapis 4865 iij. vinegar lb ij- m. evaporated to hardness, formerly used in collyria, etc. as an astringent.

Medicinales Dies

Those days in fevers which are neither critical nor indicatory, and on which it is supposed proper to administer powerful remedies.

Medinensis Vena

(From Medina, where it was frequent). Medena vena. A worm; called vena, before it was known to be an animal. See Dracun-culus.


(From medium, the middle). See Diploe. When it signifies the pith of vegetables it is called also cardia, cor, encardium, medulla, matrix.


(From Media, its native soil). See Cer-vicaria.

Medium testae. See Bregma.

Medius Digitus

See Digitus.

Megalospla Nchnos

(From Megalospla Nchnos 4884 great, and- a bowel). A person affected with an enlargement of any viscus.


See Cephalalgia.


MIl Glandulae. See Ciliares gla.vdulae .

Melaena Melaina

(From Melaena Melaina 4889 black). A disease in which the discharges are black, attributed to black bile. See Morbus.

Melaena nosos. See Morbus niger.


See Helleborus niger.


(From Melampyrum 4890 black, and wheal, because it resembles wheat,) triticum vaccinum, crataeogonum, purple cow wheat, melampyrum arvense Lin. Sp. Pl. 842, because it is very grateful to black cattle. Its effects resemble those of darnel, and are narcotic, until custom has rendered it habitual. It is found among corn in many countries, particularly Friesland and Flanders. A wild species is called sa-tureia lutea sylvestris. Melampyrum sylvaticum Lin. Sp. Pl. 843. See Raii Historia.


(From Melanagoga 4892 black, and to expel). Medicines which purge off black matter supposed formerly to be bile.


(From Melanopiper 4896 black, and piper, pepper). See Piper nigrum.

Melanthium And Melaspermium

(From Melanthium And Melaspermium 4897 and semen, seed ). See Nigella Romana.


(From Melantoria 4899 black). See Atramentum Sutorum.


Black. An epithet applied to the colour of the skin, and to some particular medicines, as calomelas. A species of leprosy of a dark black colour has the same appellation. See Alphus.


(From Melasma 4900 black). See Sugillatio.