(From cervix, the neck, so named because it was supposed to be efficacious in disorders of the neck and throat). Bell flower, or campanula.

The flower consists of one petal or flower leaf, shaped like a bell: before it is blown it is of a pentagonal figure, and when fully opened it is cut into five segments at the top. The summit of the pedicle is expanded into an ovary, whose apex is crowned with a inonophyllous quinquifid calyx, divided into five long segments. The seed vessel is for the most part divided into three cells, each having a hole at the bottom, by which the seed is emitted.

Campanula esculenta. Small or garden rampion. Campanula rapunculus Lin. Sp. Pi. 232.

The roots are used in salads.

Medium, viola Mariana Lin. Sp. Pi. 236. Syrian Bell Flower.

Trachelium, (from Cervicaria 1960 the throat,) campanula vulgarior major. Great throat wort, aud Canterbury bells. Campanula trachelium Lin. Sp. Pi. 235.

The root is very moderately astringent.