Musc, (so called from coccyx, where it is inserted). It arises from the spine of the ischium, and is inserted into the side of the os coccygis; this muscle and its fellow form a sling to bring that bone upwards and inwards. It is only a continuation of the posterior part of the levator ani; coccygaeus posterior of Winslow.

Coccygaeus anterior, called also ischio coccygaeus. The muscle is fixed in the anterior portion of the small transverse ligament, at the upper part of the foramen ovale of the os innominatum; from thence it runs between the great transverse ligament of the pelvis and the musculus obturator internus, and is inserted in the lower part of the os coccygis.

Coccygaeus posterior. This muscle is fixed to the inner concave edge of the two first vertebrae of the os sacrum, to the inner and lower edge of the ligamen-tum sacro-sciaticum, and to the spine of the os ischium, and is inserted in the inside of the os coccygis, above the coccygaeus anterior; it is called also sacra coccygaeus.