(From enervo, to weaken,) an equivocal term, signifying aponeurosis or debility.

Enflure Des Jambes

See Lymphae ductus.


See Cassada.


(From Engisoma 3397 to draw near). An instrument formerly used about fractures of the cranium; and from hence employed to signify a fracture of the cranium, in the middle of which the bone presses upon the membranes of the brain, resembling a or pent house.


(From Engomphosis 3399 and a nail).

See Gomphoma.


(From Engonios 3401 and an angle), the bending of the arm at a right angle. Hippocrates.

Engorgement Laiteux

See Lymphae Ductus.


(From Enhaemon 3403 and blood). Styptic.

The name of an astringent plaster in Myrepsus.


(From enitor, to endeavour). A woman in Child Bed.


(From enitor, to produce) • the appellation of a neutral salt. See Neutri.

Enixum Paracelsi sal. From the discoverer Paracelsus : kali vitriolatum.


(From Enneandria 3405 novem, and matitus): the ninth class of the Linnaean system, comprehending such hermaphrodite flowers as have nine stamina.


(From Enneapetalus 3407 novem, and

Enneapetalus 3409 a flower-leaf). Having nine petals.


(From Enneapharmacos 3410 nine, and a medicine,) a composition of nine simple ingredients. It is also the name of a pessary mentioned by Galen and AEgineta; of the antidotus Heraclidis; and of several plasters mentioned by AEtius and Celsus


(From Enneaphyllum 3412 nine, and a leaf). See Helleborus niger hortensis, etc.

Enochdiana Vita

A very long life; the life of Enoch. Paracelsus.


(From Enrythmos 3414 and number).

See Arythmus.


An entity, or thing really existing. In Paracelsus ens imports the power, virtue, and efficacy, which a thing exerts upon our bodies.

Ens parvum sapie.'ntum. It is soap made by mixing fixed alkaline salt with distilled vegetable oil. The salt must be quite hot when mixed with the oil, for the least portion of water prevents their union : after their combination they are to be placed some time in a subterraneous place. A small quantity of the salt remaining on the surface of the oil will attract water, and prevent the success of the process.

Ens primum salium. See Circulatum.

Ens primum solare. See Antimonium.

Ens veneris. See Flores martiales, under Fer-rum.