(From Galaxa 3836 milk). Is that white line in the heavens called the milky way; and is a congeries of fixed or nebulous stars. By analogy it is applied to the porosities in the cranium; and Charlton distinguishes the passages and distribution of the chyle in the mesentery by the name of galaxia.


A preparation of galbanum now disused.


Bracelets worn by the Romans; not only as ornaments, but as salutary: so called from the emperor Galba, who is said to have worn them.


(From galbus, yellow; from the colour). See Cupressus.

Ga Lbulus

(From the same). When the skin of the body is naturally yellow.

Galda Gummi Resina

Its source is unknown; but in taste and smell it resembles the gum elemi, and, like it, is reckoned a stimulant and resolvent. The ancients added to these virtues an expectorant quality. It is not at present to be procured. Gale. See Myrtus Brabantica. Galea, (from Galda Gummi Resina 3842 a cat; because it was formerly made of the skin of that animal). A helmet. (See Pileus). In anatomy it is the appellation of the amnion; in surgery, of a bandage for the head; in botany, of the upper lip of a ringent corolla or labiated flower. Among diseases, it is by analogy a name for a species of headach, which surrounds the head like a helmet.


Probably from Galeanthropia 3843 a cat.

and Galeanthropia 3844 a man, as it is a species of madness in which a patient imagines himself to be a cat, and imitates its manners.


(From Galeatus 3845 a helmet), Botanically, it is applied to leaves or flowers which have the shape of a helmet.


(From Galega 3846 milk; because it increases the milk of animals, particularly of goats). Ruta ca-firaria, goat's rue, galega officinalis Lin. Sp. Pl. 1062. The root is perennial; on the stalks are pods with oblong kidney-shaped seeds. It is a native of Spain and Italy, where it is eaten as food; but is not noted in medicine.

Galega nemorosa verna, a species of orobus. Oro-bus vernus Lin. Sp. Pl. 1028.


A species of senna. Cassia tora Lin. Sp. Pl. 538.


(From Galena 3847 a calm; supposed to tranquillizethe violence of the disease). It was a name of the theriaca before the addition of vipers as an ingredient; and is now the name of a lead ore which contains a little silver. The lead ore is mineralized by sulphur, Hauy, iii. 456.


The system or the practice of Galen. (See Medicina). Galenical medicines is a term employed in opposition to chemical. It was first used to distinguish the antagonists of the chemists; and the preparations are those in which fire is not employed, or at least in a slight degree, and in which no decomposition takes place. Decoctions are indeed galenical remedies; but the decomposition of the vegetable is, in this operation, imperfect.