(From gigno, to beget; because the teeth are generated in them). The gums; ula, the plural of ulon. Pollux distinguishes the flesh on the outside of the teeth from that on the inside, or the part between the teeth: the first is ulon; the two last enulon: ula also sometimes means a tumour on the gums. They are that reddish, compact, fleshy substance which covers the two sides of the whole alveolary border of each jaw, insinuates itself betwixt the teeth, then called harmos, and adheres to them. Arteries from the carotids run in the gums, and the nerves are from the fifth pair.

The gums are apt to become spongy, and to separate from the teeth; but the usual cause is a stony crust which forms itself on the teeth. When this calculus is separated, the gums soon recover their former state, especially if rubbed with a mixture of the infusion of roses and the tincture of myrrh. In cases also of ulcerations in the gums, mouth, throat, and fauces, the following gargles are useful.

The alum gargle is made by dissolving two drachms of alum in a quart of barley water, adding three ounces of honey of roses. This is also useful in relaxations of the uvula, and other cases where astringents are necessary.

The myrrh gargle consists of six parts of lime water, three of honey of roses, and one of tincture of myrrh. In scrofulous ulcers, where unctuous applications are inadmissible, it is useful.

The scurvy also affects the gums; and when not manifest in any other part, sometimes appears in the mouth: when a scorbutic disorder invades the whole habit, its first symptom is swollen gums. Sometimes a scorbutic complaint attacks the gums, and occasions heat, pain, and itching in them; if touched, they bleed; white spots, red and inflamed about their circumference, are occasionally observed; and if neglected, especially in young persons, a copious flux of thin fetid saliva is discharged, which corrodes all around it. In Holland it is called the water cancer. Besides proper internal antiscorbutics, and the Peruvian bark in large doses, the best external application is the muriatic -2cid, diluted with water.