And Elevatores, rise with a broad base from the symphysis of the os pubis, the internal part of the ileum, the membrane of the obturator internus and coccygaeus, and the sharp process of the ischium, directing their course downwards as to a centre, and blending part of their fibres with those of the sphincter, the acceleratores urinae, and the anterior part of the extremity of the coccyx, surrounding the prostate gland, the vesiculae seminales, and the neck of the bladder, which they contribute to support. They contribute to expel the faeces; but do not, as is generally supposed, very powerfully compress the vesiculae seminales in coition.

Levatores communes labiorum, elevatores la-biorum, rise from the cavity under the os jugale, in the os maxillare, and are inserted, with the zygomaticus major and others, into the angle of the lips, on each side.

Levatores costarum, supracostales, rise from the transverse processes of the vertebrae, and are inserted into the ribs: they are divided into the longiores and the breviores. The latter rise from the transverse processes, and are inserted into the next rib; the longiores run over one rib, and are inserted into the next.

Levatores labii inferioris, elevatores, par mentale, incisivus inferior of Winslow, and levator menti of Albinus, rise from the sockets of the incisores and are inserted into the lower lip.

Levatores labii superioris, elevatores, rise from the os maxillare, and descend obliquely under the skin of the upper lip, orbicularis muscle, and the outer part of the alae nasi.