1500 to 1550 A. D.

01 Battle of Ceri-zoles - the French lose Naples.

08 League of Cam-bray against Venice.

13 Battle of Flod-den.

15 Francis I. becomes King of France.

16 Charles I. becomes King of Spain.

17 Luther publishes his ninety-five Theses.

19 Charles I. of Spain becomes Emperor Charles V.

19 The Disputation at Leipsic.

20 Luther burns th Papal Bull.

21 Cortez take Mexico.

25 Battle of Pavia.

27 The sack of Rome by Bourbon Troops.

29 The Reformers first called Pro-testants at Spires.

30 The League o Smalcald.

33 Pizarro conquers Peru.

35 The Order of Jesuits founded by Loyola.

45 The Council of Trent begins to sit.

49 Charles V. grants the Interim.

1550 to 1600 A. D.

52 The Treaty of Passau.

56 The abdication of Charles V.

58 Elizabeth becomes Queen of England.

58 The Inquisition established in France. .

62 Battle of Dreux.

70 The Peace of St Germain en Laye.

71 Battle of Lepant - Turks defeated by Don John of Austria.

72 The Massacre o St. Bartholomew.

74 Siege of Leyden.

79 The Union of Utrecht.

87 Mary Queen o Scots beheaded.

88 Defeat of th Spanish Armada.

89 Henry IV. (first royal Bourbon) becomes King of France.

90 Battle of Ivry.

98 The Edict of Nantes.

98 Peace of Vervins.

1600 to 1650 A. D.

03 Union of the English and Scottish Crowns.

10 Assassination of Henry IV.

18 Opening of the Thirty Years' War.

20 Defeat of the Elector Frederick at Prague.

24 Richelieu gains a seat in the Council.

28 The Siege o Rochelle.

29 Peace of Lubeck.

30 Gustavus Adolphus lands in Pomerania.

30 Sack of Magdeburg.

31 Battle of Leipsic.

32 Battle of Lutze - Death of Gustavus Adol-phus.

48 The great Peace of Munster or Westphalia.

49 Charles I. o England beheaded.

1650 to 1700 A. D.

53 Cromwell, Protector of England.

60 The restoration of the Stuarts in England.

68 Peace of Aix-laChapelle.

74 Battle of Seneffe.

78 Treaty of Nimeguen.

79 Habeas Corpus

Act passed in England.

83 John Sobieski of Poland defeats the Turks at Vienna.

85 The Edict o Nantes revoked by Louis XIV.

86 The League o Augsburg.

88 The second English Revolution

89 Peter the Great, sole ruler of Russia.

90 Battle of th Boyne.

92 Ba1le of La Hague.

97 Treaty of Rys-wick.

97 Charles XII. becomes King of Sweden.

99 Settlement of Louisiana.

1700 Battle of Narva.

1700 to 1750 A. D.

01 The Grand Alliance.

02 French fleet destroyed at Vigo.

04 Battle of Blenheim.

06 Battle of Ramillies.

07 Union of England and Scotland.

08 Battle of Oudenarde.

09 Battle of Pultowa.

09 Battle of Malpla-quet.

13 Treaty o Utrecht.

14 The Guelphs ascend the English throne.

15 Death of Loui XIV of France.

18 Charles XII. of Sweden killed at Frederics-hall.

25 Death of Peter the Great.

40 Frederic the Great becomes King o Prussia.

42 Treaty of Breslau.

43 Battle of Dettingen.

45 Battle of Fon-tenoy.

45 Peace of Dresden.

48 Second Peace of Aix-la-Cha-pelle.