1865 to 1875 A. D.

66 War between Italy and Germany.

66 Prim insurrection in Spain.

6(3 War between Germany and Austria.

66 Battle of Sadowa.

66 Reciprocity Treaty between U. S. and Canada.

66 Austria withdraws from German confederation.

67 English War wit Abyssinia.

67 Dominion of Canada formed.

67 Alaska purchased by the United States.

67 Maximilian executed.

69 Disestablishment of the Irish Church.

69 Cuban revolt.

69 U . S . Grant President, U.S.

70 War betwee France and Germany.

70 Battle of Sedan.

70 Surrender of Napoleon.

70 German Empire formed.

71 Wiliam o Prussia, Em -peror.

71 Italian Government transferred to Rome.

71 Commune and Republic in France.

71 Great Fire i Chicago.

72 Oscar II. mad King of Sweden 72 Carlist War in Spain.

72 Geneva award on the Alabama Claims.

73 Death of Napoleon III. in England.

7:? Abdication of King Amadeo of Spain, a Republic proclaimed.

75 Alfonso, Prince of the Asturias, King of Spain.

1875 to 1885 A. D.

76 Centennial celebration in Philadelphia.

76 Queen Victoria, Empress of India.

76 Conquest o China by Russia.

77 R. B. Hayes President, of the U.S. 77 War between Russia and Turkey.

77 Great Fire at St John New Brunswick.

78 War in Afghanistan.

78 Death of Victor Emmanuel, and Humbert made King.

78 Pius IX. dies, and Leo XIII made Pope.

78 Treaty of Berlin.

78 Montenegro Independent.

78 Roumania Independent.

78 Servia a Free State.

78 Yellow Fever Epidemic in U. S.

78 Marquis of Lom Viceroy in Canada.

79 Zulu War.

79 Jules Grevy, President of France.

79 Queen Mercedes of Spain dies. 79 War betwee Chili and Peru.

80 Famine in Ireland.

80 Slavery abolished in Cuba.

81 James A.Garfiel President, U.S., killed and suc-ceeded by Chester A. Arthur. 81 Alexander II. of Russia assassinated.

81 Greely Nort Pole Expedition,

82 War in Egypt b England

83 Brooklyn Bridge opened.

83 Indian War.

84 Dynamite Explosion at Quebec.

80 Grover Clevelan President, U.S.

85 Rebellion Loui Riel, Canada.

1885 to 1890 A. D.

86 Labor Agitation in the U. S.

86 Anarchist Riot in Chicago.

86 Louis Riel hanged in Canada.

87 Sadi Carnot President of France.

87 Stanley penetrates the heart of Africa, gone two years.

88 William I. of Germany dies, Son, Frederick III, succeeds. Dies ., soon after and his Son William II. made Emperor of Germany.

88 Lord Sackville British Minister dismissed from Washington.

88 Canadian Fisheries Treaty rejected by the U.S.

88 Lord Stanley Gov General of Canada.

89 Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, deposed.

89 Civil War in Hayti.

89 Benjamin Harrison, President, U.S.

89 Great Fire in Quebec.

89 Boulanger excitement in France.

89 Mining strikes in Germany.

90 Heligoland transferred to Germany.

90 De Castillo, Premier of Spain.

90 Duke of Orleans banished from Paris.

90 Death of Sitting Bull. End of Indian outbreak.

90 11th Census of the United States.

90 McKinley Tariff goes into effect

1890 to 1895 A. D.

91 Balmaceda, President of Chili deposed.

92 Birth of People's Party at Omaha

93 Socialistic gains in Germany.

93 Cleveland, President 2nd term.

93 Home Rule bill passed House of Commons. Defeated in House of Lords

93 War between Spain and the Moors.

93 World's Fair at Chicago.

93 Financial depression in U. S.

93 Congress of Religions Chicago

93 Revolutions in Brazil and Ar-gentine Republic.

93 Sherman Bill repealed.

93 Attempt to assassinate Emperor of Austria.

94 President Carnot of France assassinated.

94 Nicholas II. Czar of Russia.

94 War between China and Japan.

94 Great Coal and Rail Road Strikes in United States.

95 Norway adopts Universal Male Suffrage.

95 Armenians Massacred by the Turks.

95 Venezuelan Boundary Dispute.

95 Free Silver Movement in United States.

95 Felix Faure President of France.

95 Cuban Revolt against Spain, War of Independence.

1895 to 1907 A. D.

96 Nicholas II, Russia, Crowned.

96 X-Ray discovered.

97 War between Greece and Turkey.

97 Gold discovered in Klondike.

98 Spanish American War.

98 Universal Peace Conference, the Hague.

98 South African War begins.

98 Venezuelan Boundary dispute settled.

00 World's Fair at Paris.

00 King Humbert of Italy assassinated. Victor Emmanuel III, succeeds.

00 War of the Nations against China.

01 Death of Queen Victoria.

01 Edward VII. King of England.

01 Queen Wilhel-mina of Holland married.

01 President McKinley assassinated.

02 Leo XIII's Jubilee. 02 Alphonso XIII King of Spain. 02 Cuba becomes a Republic. 02 Boer War ends.

02 Mt. Pelee Eruption, kills.30,000

03 Pope Leo XIII dies; Pius X succeeds.

03 Republic of Panama recognized

04 Panama Canal begun.

01 Russo - Japanese War. "

04 World's Fair at St. Louis.

01 Great Fires in Toronto and Baltimore.

05 Roosevelt inaugurated Pres'tl.

05 Roosevelt's influence ends Russian Jap War.

06 San Franc isco earthquake and tire. 06 King Alfon Spain married.

06 Norway and Swe den separate,

07 Jamaica earthquake.