900 to 1000 A. D.

01 Alfred's death.

11 Rollo the Norse-man obtains Neustria.

11 Conrad I., Emperor of Germany.

36 Otho the Great, Emperor of Germany.

40 Emir al Omra first appointed

62 Otho crowned Emperor of the West.

69-75 John Zimisces, Emperor of the East.

73 Otho's death.

87 Capetian dy-nasty begins in France (Hugh Capet King).

1000 to 1100 A. D.

17 Canute the Dane on the English Throne.

40 Normans conquer South Italy.

41 Edward the Confessor restores the Saxon line in England. 55 Bagdad taken by the Turks.

61 The Guelph and Ghibelline Feud begins.

65 Jerusalem taken by the Turks.

66 The Norman conquest of England.

81 Batt1e of D u-razzo.

81 Gregory deposed.

96 The First Crusade.

99 Jerusalem taken by Crusaders.

1100 to 1200 A. D.

02 Guiscard of Normandy, King of Naples.

18 Knights Templars instituted.

37 Justinian's Pandects discovered at Amalfi.

47 The Second Crusade.

52 Frederick Bar-barossa, Emperor of Germany.

54 Accession of Plantagenets in England.

70 Thomas a Becket died.

72 Invasion of Ireland under Henry II. of England.

76 Germans under Frederick defeated at Leg-nano.

87 Jerusalem taken by Saladin.

89 The Third Crusade.

89 Richard(the Lion-hearted) King of England.

95 The Fourth Crusade.

98 The Fifth Crusade.

1200 to 1300 A. D.

03 Conquest of Constantinople by the Crusaders.

08 War against Albigenses in Languedoc.

12 The Boy Crusade.

15 Magna Charta signed by John of England.

27 The Sixth Crusade.

27 Zenghis Khan overruns the Saracen empire.

33 Inquisition formally established by Gregory IX.

37 Russia made tributary to the Moguls.

48 The Seventh Crusade.

58 End of the Abba-side Caliphs.

61 The Greeks retake Constantinople.

70 The Eighth Crusade - death of St. Louis.

70 Egypt falls into the hands of the Mamelukes.

73 Rudolph of Haps-burg elected Emperor of Germany.

81 Conquest of Prussia by the Teutonic Order.

82 Conquest of Wales by Edward I. of England.

91 Acre taken by the Turks - end of the Crusades.

1300 to 1400 A. D.

02 Battle of Cour-trai.

05 Seat of the Popedom removed to Avignon,

07 The Swiss Revolution begins.

14 Battle of Bannockburn.

15 Battle of Morgarten.

46 Battle of Crepsy.

47 Rienzi tribune of Rome.

52 Union of the eight Swiss Cantons.

56 Charles IV. of Germany institutes the Golden Bull - the fundamental law of the Empire.

60 Calais and the S. W. of France ceded to England.

61-89 Ottomans under Murad 1. conquer Asia Minor and pass into Europe.

64 Final embodiment of the Hanseatic League by Act signed at Cologne.

77 Return of the Popes to Rome.

86 Battle of Sem-pach.

92The Cape of Good Hope discovered by the Portuguese.

97 The Treaty of Calmar, uniting Denmark, Sweden and Norway under Margaret.

98 Tamerlane takes Delhi.

99 Henry IV. (Lancaster) King of England.

1400 to 1500 A. D.

02 Tamerlane defeats the Turks at Angora.

15 Battle of Agin-court.

15 John Hussburned.

16 Jerome of Prague burned.

28 Cosmo de Medici flourished (Florence).

28 Joan of Arc vic-torious at Orleans.

31 Her death.

44 Guttenberg prints at Stras-burg.

45 Accession of Constantine Palaeo-logus, last of the Byzantine Emperors.

53 Constantinople taken by the Turks.

55 Wars of the Roses begin in England.

73 Copernicusflourished.

74 Michel Angelo flourished.

78 Lorenzo the Magnificent rules Florence.

79 Union of Castile and Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella.

83 Raphael flourished.

85 Battle of Bos-worth.

91 Fall of Granada.

92 Columbus discovers America.

94 Invasion of Italy by Charles VI11 of France.

97 Cape of Good

Hope doubled by Vasco di (jama.

97 Cabot explores coast of North America.

98 Savonarola. burned at Florence.

99 Switzerland independent.