The only special provisions required for a printing office, outside of the usual fixtures common to all office buildings, are water supply and waste connections to each linotype and monotype machine; large sinks, supplied with hot and cold water, where small forms and other articles common to printing plants can be washed, and a special form sinK where type forms can be cleaned.

A form sink is best made of wood, dove-tailed together at the corners, and should be set on the floor in the press room, so that forms which are very heavy will not have to be lifted very high. The form sink should be supplied with hot and cold water through a combination cock having a hose connection, so that water of any desired temperature can be played on the form through a short piece of hose. A form sink of this description, which has given good service and general satisfaction, is shown in Fig. 108. The sink is here illustrated only as a suggestion, to be modified in form or size to suit any requirement. It will be found, however, that seldom will a larger form be found necessary.

Compressed air is likewise required for many purposes around a large printing plant. It is used in connection with the feeding of presses, and is one of the agencies used in the operation of a monotype or linotype machine. Water will generally be required to cool the cylinders of air compressors, and waste connections will be required to carry off the waste water when such is the case, while, in small plants, where water is plentiful, water-operated compressors might be used for compressing the air.

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Fig. 108

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