Planning The Plumbing For School Buildings 123

General Considerations

Of all classes of buildings in which plumbing fixtures are installed, in no class is the work so poorly planned, with such disregard for the fundamental principles of sanitation, as in the school buildings throughout the United States, outside of a few of the principal cities. Where will there be found a public building - such as hospital, sanitarium, office building, hotel or like structure - equipped with primitive outbuildings, the Smead system, latrines or range troughs? Yet many of the school buildings to-day are equipped with just such obsolete systems. That is not as it should be, and, no doubt, if the entire matter were left in the hands of the architect in charge, the standard of work would soon be raised. There is no good reason why the plumbing work in schools should not be of the very best type, reflecting the latest in sanitary design. Children are sent to school to learn not only the lessons taught by text books, but, by mixing with other children and observing mechanical installations in buildings, they are supposed to unconsciously pick up much that otherwise would not be learned. They gain the first impression of sanitary devices from the plumbing equipment in the school building. That being true, and first impressions lasting, to create a right impression the installation should be the very best. If it is dirty, disgustingly filthy, and in a poorly lighted, ill-ventilated apartment, it creates a feeling of loathing whenever the child is forced to avail himself of its advantages, and dreading to touch the devices, he is not overscrupulous as to the manner of using them. On the other hand, if the toilet accommodations are clean and white, located in bright, cheerful rooms which are scrupulously clean and well ventilated, the most pronounced vandal among them would not feel inclined to deface any portion of the room or equipment. It follows, therefore, that for educational as well as for sanitary reasons the very best plumbing should be placed in school buildings.