We publish two books by Gardner D. Hiscox that will keep you from "inventing" things that hate been done before, and suggest ways of doing things that you have not thought of before. Many a man spends time and money, pondering over some mechanical problem, only to learn, after he has solved the problem, that the same thing has been accomplished and put in practice by others long before. Time and money spent in an effort to accomplish what has already been accomplished are time and money LOST. The whole field of mechanics, every known mechanical movement, and practically every device is covered by these two books. If the thing you want has been invented, it is illustrated in them. If it hasn't been invented, then you'll find in them the nearest things to what you want, some movements or devices that will apply in your case, perhaps; or which will give you a key from which to work. No book or set of books ever published is of more real value to the Inventor, Draftsman, or practical Mechanic than the two volumes described below.



This is a collection of 1,890 engravings of different mechanical motions and appliances, accompanied by appropriate text, making it a book of great value to the inventor, the draftsman, and to all readers with mechanical tastes. The book is divided into eighteen sections or chapters, in which the subject-matter is classified under the following heads: Mechanical Powers; Transmission of Power; Measurement of Power; Steam Power; Air Power Appliances; Electric Power and Construction; Navigation and Roads; Gearing; Motion and Devices; Controlling Motion; Horological; Mining; Mill and Factory Appliances; Construction and Devices; Drafting Devices; Miscellaneous Devices, etc. 12th edition. 400 octavo pages. Price . . . $2.50