In Fig. 117 is shown a porcelain roll rim bathtub. This is a sanitary article in every manner, as it requires no woodwork about it, and as this bathtub is made entirely of one piece, there is no chance for dirt to lodge in any part of it. This bathtub will last a life-time; once properly set there will be no further expense for repairs. The porcelain bathtub is not without some fault or disadvantage; it is very heavy to handle. It is no easy matter to carry a bathtub of this kind up one or two flights of stairs and land it safely to where it is to be set. It requires the greatest care in handling. In using the porcelain bathtub it has another bad point in being very cold to the touch until it has become entirely warm from the hot water.

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Fig. 117.

What is styled a corner porcelain bathtub is illustrated in Fig. 118, the back and end of the tub are to be built into the wall, and the base sets into the floor. It is fitted with nickel-plated combination bell supply and waste fittings, which are connected directly to the bathtub itself.

Three styles of porcelain enameled bathtubs are shown in Figs. 119., 120 and 121, the supply and waste are connected directly to the bathtubs shown in Figs. 119 and 120, while the bathtub shown in Fig. 121 has only the waste and overflow connections on the tub.

A solid porcelain roll rim sitz bath is illustrated in Fig. 122. It is fitted with nickel-plated combination bell supply and waste fittings.

A porcelain enameled footbath is shown in Fig. 123, it is also fitted with nickel-plated combination bell supply and waste fittings.

Fig. 124 illustrates a combination spray and shower bath with rubber curtain and porcelain enameled roll rim receptor.

The proper sanitary plumbing connections for a bathtub are shown in Fig. 125. The cast iron soil pipe is 4 inches in diameter, the main air

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Fig. 118.

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Pig. 119.

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Fig. 120.

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Fig. 121.

pipe 2 inches, and the air-vent pipe on the connection leading from the trap 1 inches; the waste and overflow from the tub are also 1 inches in diameter.