The Bathroom. There are good reasons why a bathroom should be finished in the best manner in preference to any other room in the house. As a rule, the bathroom is more used than any other room in the house except the kitchen. It requires the best material to stand such constant use, and it is always economy to have the best material for purposes where hard usage or work is to be performed. Without a good finish, with the proper materials for this purpose, the bathroom cannot be kept in a sanitary condition. From the sanitary condition of the bath-room the sanitary condition of the entire house may be judged. Any person who pays attention to the sanitary condition of a house, can also tell the nature of the people who occupy it. Where the bathroom is neglected, scarcely any other part of the house will be in a proper sanitary condition.

A bathroom should be well lighted with windows, so that the sunlight may come in. It should be heated to a much higher temperature than any other room in the house, and should be thoroughly ventilated. The walls, doors, and casings should be of such material that they will be proof against water and steam. The floors should never be covered with carpet, as it is a very unsanitary thing in any bathroom. Hard wood makes a good floor for a bathroom.

The bathroom of the modern house is often the most expensive room in the house, as today people who have both taste and means are spending large sums of money in securing the most sanitary fixtures for the bathroom and the highest degree of art in everything pertaining to the bathroom. Fig. 116 shows a bathroom in which all the fixtures are open work, a roll-rimmed porcelain lined bathtub with carved brass feet, and also screen shower attachment, a sitz bath of the same material and finish as the bathtub, a syphon closet with low down flush tank, a washbowl with nickel-plated legs and brackets as supports, also nickel-plated supply and waste fixtures.