Material: Cherry, oak, mahogany, birch

In work of this character it is advisable to use a templet for both the outside and inside. As before stated, when a templet is used, two points are required as guides in placing it. In making the templets use thin stock, long enough to reach across the work so that a bearing may be had on both sides of the piece. Figs. 56 and 59 show templets bearing on the two points. The outer edges of the card receiver would be the points of contact for the templets in this case.

In preparing the stock for the lathe the material should be mounted on a wood face plate fastened to the regular iron face plate. To do this the method and instructions given in connection with the box on page 39 should be followed; that is, glue to plate with paper between.

Exercise XIV Card Receiver 78

Fig. 73.

When the piece is finished and sandpapered, it will be better to chuck it in order to smooth off the bottom, although this is not absolutely necessary, as the bottom may be finished off with the plane at the bench.

The finish and stain to be used will depend on the kind of wood. The different stains and finishes will be found in the Appendix.