77.   When a word has more than one consonant-stem and but one vowel-sound, it is put in its proper position as follows:

I. If the outline commences with an upright or slanting stem, or is composed entirely of horizontals, write the first stem in the position indicated by the place of the vowel; thus. -


II. If the outline commences with horizontal stem or stems, followed by upright or slanting stem or stems, write the first upright or slanting stem in the position indicated by the place of the vowel; thus,—


78. The Object of the foregoing rule is to bring all outlines, composed of both horizontal and upright or slanting stems, as nearly as possible into the same general horizontal line, for each of the positions, irrespective of the order of the stems in such words.



79. Practice in Phonographic Spelling. - The learner is recommended to read aloud distinctly several times all of the words given below, together with the phonographic spelling which accompanies them. This spelling should be done by pronouncing the syllables separated by hyphens. The combination " ah " is sounded as the interjection "ah," " aw " as the word " awe," and " oo " as the first syllable of the word " oo-long."

Palm, Pee-ah-Em, palm ; peach, Pee-ē-Chay, peach ; page, Pee-ā-Jay, page; poke, Pee-ō-Kay,poke; beam, Bee-ē-Em, beam; boom, Bee-6b-Em, boom; balk, Bee-aw-Kay, balk; bake, Bee-ā-kay, bake; bathe, Bee-ā-Thee, bathe; fame, Ef-ā-Em, fame; faith, Ef-a-Ith-faith ; folk, Ef-6-Kay, folk ; vague, Vee-ā-Gay, vague ; move, Em-6o-Vee, move; maim, Em-ā-Em, maim ; tomb, Tee-6o-Em, tomb ; teeth, Tee-ē-lth, teeth; teethe, Tee-ē-Thee, teethe; teach, Tee-ē-Chay, teach; deep, Dee-ē-Pee, deep; daub, Dee-aw-Bee, daub; doom, Dee-ob-Em, doom ; thief. Ith-ē-Ef, thief; name, En-ā-Em, name; cheap, Chay-ē-Pee, cheap; chalk, Chay-aw-Kay, chalk; shape, Ish-ā-Pee, shape; coop, Kay-6o-Pee, coop; coupe, Kay-6b-Pee-a, coupe"; comb, Kay-6-Em, comb; coach, Kay-6-Chay, coach; cage, Kay-ā-Jay, cage; gauge, Gay-ā-Jay, gauge; Paul, Pee-aw-El, Paul; bowl, Bee-ō-El, bowl; jail, Jay-ā-El,jail; peep, Pee-e-Pee, peep ; babe, Bee-ā-Bee, babe; coke, Kay-6-Kay, coke; cocoa, Kay-6-Kay-6, cocoa; gawk, Gay-aw-Kay, gawk; cab, Kay-a-Bee, cab; fetch, Ef-ě-Chay, fetch; king, Kay-ĭ-Ing, king • lock, Lee-6-Kay, lock; tongue, Tee-ŭ-Ing, tongue; book, Bee-db-Kay, book; sham, Ish-ă-Em, sham ; much, Em-ŭ-Chay, much ; thick, Ith-I-Kay, thick; bath, Bee-ă-Ith, bath; file, Ef-I-EI, file; fill, Ef-ĭ-El, fill; boil, Bee-OI-EI, boil; mouth, Em-ow-Ith, mouth; fume, Ef-EW-Em, fume.

Reading Exercise.




Writing Exercise.

80. Ebb, at, Ed, odd, itch, edge, if, ash, in, ell. Calm, bake, cage, meek, talk, foam, code, move, pack, cap, peck, neck, niche, king, vim, cop, tongue, much, took, guide, mouth, couch, cube, chime, nap or Knapp, peg, beg, deck, pike, chum, tithe, dug, make, cash, dodge, cape, thumb, budge, catch, dike, Dutch, nick, teach, thick, dime, pink, mink.