203. Any one of the syllables ter, tor, ture, or ther may be added to any straight stem by a large final-hook turned on the En-hook side.

204.   Name. - This hook is usually called the "Ter-hook."

205.   There is no Ter-hook on curved stems. See 260.

206.   Names of Ter-hook Stems. - The names of the Ter-hook stems are as follows: Chetter, Jetter, Tetter or Tether, Detter, Petter or Pether, Better or Bether, Ketter, Getter or Gather, and Retter or Rether.

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Remark. Note that all words ending in ation belong to the second position.

207. Caution, gather, Russian, writer, petition, chapter, vocation, victor, ambition, embitter, location, lecture [rupturel, dictation, dictator, additional, dictionary, vision, motion, allusion, attention, admission, invasion, assumption, population, redemption, injunction, invention, visionary.

208. Shun and Ter Hook Abbreviations. - The following are abbreviations which contain the Shun and Ter hooks.


209. Ther-hook in Phrases. - The words there, their, and other may be written with the Ther-hook. Examples:


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Writing Exercise.

210. /-have-no objection to-his paying much attention to-their education. They-have a notion, in vacation, to-buy (176) a dictionary at auction. /-have-a recollection that additional objection was-taken to-his publication as being altogether revolutionary. Would-you rather be a writer of national renown than an actor of aspiration, and have-a regular invitation to cater to-one generation of-lhe American population in daily representation of-a highly emotional comedy ? On-one occasion an admission was-taken that led to-a motion for rejection of-his invention. My daughter is-a better writer of fiction than she-is arithmetician or debater.