A. very narrow Quadrangle due to the abnormal curving down of the Line of Heart. A dot on the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn. A deep bar cut the Line of Life at 25; from it started, on either side, curved branches, which joined inside the Triangle, there forming a kind of island. The Mount of the Moon was somewhat rayed. High Mounts of Mars; short nails. In another ease there were no such bar and island, but the same formation of the Quadrangle and a deep black dot therein.

Asthma 1147

"I had occasion to repeatedly verify - with very slight modifications - these two readings of the Master, concerning Asthma. In the first case the was hot tempered and sanguine "


A Venus-Saturnian type; on the third phalanx of the second finger a number of downward lines. A big island, under the Mount of Saturn, on a Line of Head that begins to droop immediately afterward.

"Seen in the hand of a young man who had grown deaf, quite early in life, and who was more and more under the influence of morbidity and strange superstitions; Saturn had him entirely under its influence."

Deafness 1148

Constant Oppressions Amounting To Mono Mania

A poor Line of Heart; a drooping Line of Head islanded under the Mount of the Sun. A Line of Influence from a star on the Mount of Venus cut the Line of Life at 38 and ended at the beginning of the above mentioned island. The first phalanges of the first, second and third fingers were abnormally large; the second ringer especially long.

Constant Oppressions Amounting To Mono Mania 1149

"At 38, the subject had lost his wife, of whom he was very fond. He had devoted himself to religious practices until he was constantly under the influence of hallucinations, hearing voices at all hours and unable to silence them. A severe brain fever had coincided with the date of his wife's death, and the shape of his fingers predisposed him to an extraordinary influx of vital fluid, without sufficient health to utilize it."

A Poisoning Case- - A Girdle of Venus starred under the Mount of Saturn. A short Line of Heart terminating as it reaches the Line of the Sun. A Line of Influence from a star on the Line of Life at 16 terminates at a deep black dot on the Line of Heart.

"A talented Parisian actress had suffered from a great love sorrow when she was hardly more than 16 years old; she had poisoned herself out of jealousy and despair on being deserted by the loved one. The poisoning is indicated in this case (Desbarrolles says) by the star on the Girdle, at that particular place."

Constant Oppressions Amounting To Mono Mania 1150

A Profitable Meeting At A Fashionable. Seaside Resort

No star on a very prominent Mount of Jupiter, but one at the termination of a fine Line of the Sun inside the Quadrangle. From that star a line ran up straight to a well-formed Mount of Mercury at the usual place for Lines of Union. The Line of the Sun itself starts from a clear Voyage line on the Percussion of the Mount of the Moon.

A Profitable Meeting At A Fashionable Seaside Reso 1151

"A French 'lady of leisure met at Ostende - the fashionable seaside resort - a royal personage; he was attracted by her beauty and wit. A short-lived 'liaison' was the result of this meeting; it swelled materially the 'lady's1 bank account and enriched her jewel-case."

Double Guilty Intrigue

A Line of Fate much crossed up to 23 years old, then opening in the shape of a large island, extending to 30 or 35) but not quite closed1 at the top. The left "branch" of the Line islanded again between 32 and 37; after that the Line continues straight and fine. A Line of Head widely separated from the Line of Life and forked at the termination. A fine Line of the Sun coming up to the Mount in a curve from the Lower part of the Mount of the Moon. A very long third finger. A Girdle of Venus strongly marked.

Double Guilty Intrigue 1152

years old who belonged to the Jupiter-Mercury type. She had been quite successful in business, although disposed to take many risks. Until 23 she had great financial difficulties to meet; then she had accepted the protection of a wealthy married man, whose assistance had made her fortune. She had left him at 30 to marry another lover of hers. The second island had lasted as long as the first protector lived, as, according to palmistry, this second union, during the life of the first lover, is considered adultery. The lady was very shrewd but somewhat hysterical."

Insane Husband, Death Of

From a star on the Mount of Venus close to the second phalanx of thumb comes a Line of Influence, which cuts the Line of Life at 28 years of age and ends in a star near the end of the Line of Head. A clear star upon a Line of Union.

Insane Husband Death Of 1153

"A lady visitor of Desbarrolles lost her husband after having been obliged to keep him for several years in an insane asylum. He died a raving maniac when the subject was 28."