Intestinal Cancer

A drooping and forked Line of Head; upon this Line, just before the fork begins, a star; another star at the end of the lower prong of the fork. From the first star drops a perpendicular line, which forms a square, with a horizontal line and another vertical drooping from the end of the upper prong of the above mentioned Line of Head, An independent star in the lower part of this square. There were deep dots on the corner of the square.

Intestinal Cancer 1154

"These very interesting markings were found in the hand of a lady who suffered for years from an intestinal cancer, but whom a successful operation finally cured."

Troubles Of The Respiratory Organs

On the Line of Head, under the Mount of Saturn, a clear star. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cut an upward branch of the Line of Life, and after crossing the above mentioned starends in another star on the Upper Mount of Mars. The hand much rayed and the large Mount of Jupiter with Lines on the Middle Mount of the Moon revealing tendencies to gout.

Troubles Of The Respiratory Organs 1155

Excessive good living had first determined an over-production of uric acid, then gout, then finally a trouble of the brain. Later consumption set in. The sign on Upper Mars was in the Right Hand, and the Left Lung was the one attacked by tuberculosis. This crosswise influence of the brain upon diseases is observed in most cases." Prolonged Painting Fits. - In the Left hand a star at the termination of the Line of Heart. A bluish streak toward 60 on the Line of Life. The same indications found in the Right hand, but there the star was inclosed within a square. Very short thumbs. Short nails. Square tipped fingers.

Troubles Of The Respiratory Organs 1156

'"The subject, a civil engineer by profession, suffered repeatedly all through his very active life of very unexplainable fainting fits, so long in duration as to amount almost to a state of lethargy. His nature was very nervous and there was evidently a lack of harmonious distribution of the vital fluid."

An Extraordinary Escape From Death

A very poor Line of Heart, At the termination of an otherwise fine Line of Fate a break surrounded by a large square, occupying almost the whole of the Mount of Saturn.

An Extraordinary Escape From Death 1157

"A workingman, a house painter by trade, suffered frequently from dizziness, due to lead-poisoning. In one of these fits he fell from a very high scaffolding, but landed into a passing wagon loaded with tan bark, thus escaping what seemed to the bystanders a certain and cruel death."

Repeated Cases of Strange Preservation.

- A star on both hands on the Mount of Saturn, with a square constituted by the Line of Heart, two perpendicular Lines from between the first and second, and the second and third fingers, respectively, and the line forming the base of the second finger. A ray from that star cut deeply the Line of Heart, connecting with a cross on the Upper Mount of Mars. There were two other crosses in the Quadrangle. The Line of the Sun. although starting rather high up (at 28). was very fine to the end. "A lady from Tyrol, met at Baden, had escaped assassination at the hands of a disappointed lover. Another time, in childhood, she had fallen out of a third-story window and suffered nothing from the accident."

An Extraordinary Escape From Death 1158

Wretched Childhood; Extreme Ambition

In both hands a clear, deep Line curving up from the Upper Mount of Mars to the Mount of the Sun. Until 30 years old, the Line of Fate, afterward very fine up to the Mount of Saturn, was cut up into small fragments. Just where the Line ceased to be bad, there merged into it a fine Influence Line from the Mount of the Moon. A Line of Influence from the Line of Life at 10 years old cut the Line of the Sun on the Mount of that name.

Wretched Childhood Extreme Ambition 1159

"The lady, whose chirognomic markings revealed her as having real aptitudes for the dramatic profession, had been in very poor circumstances until 30 (her parents having lost their all when she was about 8). when an inheritance from a former admirer enriched her."

The Founder Of A New Religion

The subject was a Saturnian - Martian, with spatulate fingers and first knot strongly marked. In both hands a finely shaped "Mystic Cross" cut the Line of Fate. Another Cross, the "Cross of Battle," was found in the center of the Triangle.

"He was a man of great intellect and a natural antagonist of all known creeds. He broke away from the Church he had entered as a minister and decided to found his own independent religion."

The Founder Of A New Religion 1160

A Man Poisoned By His Wife, Who Had Led Him A Terrible Life

A black dot an the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn: A very deep and very red Line of Union.

"The man had been very unhappy in his married life. The character of the Line of Union indicates always a bad temper In the person with whom the subject is united."

A Man Poisoned By His Wife Who Had Led Him A Terri 1161

The Hand Of A Favorite Of A Royal Prince

On a high Mount of Jupiter a cross and a star. A Line of Head widely separated from the Line of Life. A much rayed hand and a high Mount of Mercury. A beautiful Line of the Sun; a soft palm. Spatulate. smooth fingers with a short thumb. Two Lines of Influence starting from stars on the Mount of Venus and ending at the Lino of the Sun, cutting it. A star on the lower prong of a fork ending the Line of Head. Two superposed islands at the beginning of the Line of Liver. An elongated island from 18 to 35 on the Line of Fate, A long Line of Influence from the Line of Life (just below a black dot at 16), cutting an upward branch of the Line and ending on the Mount of Mercury. High Mounts of Venus and the Moon.

The Hand Of A Favorite Of A Royal Prince 1162

"A lady, quite famous as an opera singer. was for years the protegee of a Royal Prince, himself married; before that liaison, she had had many adventures and had lost, by death, two very dear friends; sorrow had rendered her insane for a while. She remained nervously excitable and almost clairvoyant at times. Her first sweetheart had abandoned her when she was barely 17; she bad been very ill at 16. Altogether her life had been most miserable until she met the prince, who remained attached to her for over twenty years and left her a large fortune."

Flow Of Blood. Hemorrhoids

A rather excessive Upper Mount of Mars: a Line of Liver rising ladderwise in broken fragments and ending there. From a long bluish indentation on the Line of Life stretching from 24 to 40 years of age came a Line of Influence ending in a star at the connection of the Line of Head and Liver. The Line of Head, otherwise good, ended in a square-like design.

Flow Of Blood Hemorrhoids 1163

"Found in the hand of a man who suffered severely for over 16 years from a very Severe case of hemorrhoids, with frequent loss of blood."

Aggravated Case Of Catarrh

The Upper Mount of Mars and the upper part of the Mount of the Moon much rayed and cross-rayed.

"The subject - a decided Mercurian - was suffering from a catarrh of the stomach that rendered digestion of solid food almost impossible, so that he really underwent the pangs of hunger."

Aggravated Case Of Catarrh 1164