Bad Habits. Sad Consequences Of

Case: 262.

Pain. Dr. Alexander; an Englishman; author of "Mind and Body, the Theories of Their Relation" (London: 1883).

Balzac. Honoré de; the great French novelist (1799-1850); devoted many a page to Chiromancy, in which he had implicit faith. See especially Ins "Physiologic du Mariage." his "Cousin Pons," his "Louis Lambert." Bankruptcy. - A poor Line of the Sun (sometimes absent); a poor Mount of the Sun covered with confused lines. The Mount of Mercury insignificant. An island on the Line of Liver. Often a bad break on Line of Fate, when the bankruptcy really ruined the subject's life prospects; or the Line of Fate stops abruptly at the date of the disaster.

Baughan, Rosa; an Englishwoman; author of "Character Indicated in Handwriting" (London; 1886); also "Hand Book of Palmistry" (London); also "Chirognomancy" (London: 1884).

Beamish. Richard; an Englishman: author of "The Psychonomy of the Hand" (London: 1865).

Bell, Sir Charles; a Scotchman (1774-1842); author of "The Hand, Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments" (London: 1832).

Bello. Paul: an Englishman; author of "Character and Fortune Revealed" (London: 1894).

Belot, The Rev. Jean: author of "Oeuvres de Jean Belot Contcnant la Chiromencc, etc." (Rouen: 1640).


Half soft hands, with long nails, rather brittle. Fine Mounts of Jupiter and Venus. A wide Quadrangle and a specially good Line of Heart, starting, forked, from inside the Mount of Jupiter. Sometimes the Line of Fate, starling inside the Mount of Venus, is read in this wise.


Of Fingers: 43,- Of Thumb: 53.

Bernstein, Julius; a German (1839-?): author of "Die elektrischen der Nerven."

Bichat; a famous French physician (1771-1802); author of "Anatomic Générale" (1801) and of "Recti Philosophiques dar la Vie et la Mort" (Paris; 1820), 20.


Yellow-hued palm; cold, sometimes clammy, skin. Exaggex-Wavy Line of Liver, ate or much lined Mount of Mercury,

Birth. Illegitimate

An island at the starting point of an otherwise poor Line of Fate. Sometimes confirmed by an island at the starting point of the Line of Life. Seen it marked by a Children Line, reaching down to the Line of Heart on the Mount of Mercury close to the Percussion.

Birth. Mystery At

Same markings as for Birth, Illegitimate (which see).

Bladder Troubles

Lower part of Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined.

Bladder Trouble

Case: 115.

Bladder Troubles, Specialist For

Case: 214.


Of one eye: One circle on Line of Life; of both eyes: two circles, A cross on the upper part of the Line of Liver and a circle on Line of Heart. Same cross with a break of the Lines of Head or Heart under the Mount of the Sun. A star in the Triangle close to the Line of Liver.

Blood, Circulation Of The. Defective

Numerous white spots on the nails. Line of Heart broken under Mount of Saturn. See Heart Troubles.

Blood, Downward Flux Of

Ex agger-ate or much lined Mount of Saturn.

Blood, Flow Of

Case: 354.

Blood Poisoning

Black or bluish spots on the nails.

Blood. Superabundance Of

Red skin. Red nails. Red lines. Exaggerate Mounts of Mars and Jupiter. Line of Mars deeply marked.

Blood To The Head, Rush Of

Exagger-ate or much lined Mount of Jupiter. See also Heart Trouble.

Blood, Troubles With The

Exaggerate or much lined Upper Mount of Mars. See also Heart Trouble.

Bohemian, Unconventional _ways

Very small hands. Soft Palm. All first phalanges flexible, and that of the thumb thrown back. In a bad meaning: abnormal shortness of the First Finger and exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon.


In a good sense, see Courage. In a bad sense: Lines of Life and Head widely separated at the start. Exaggerate Mounts of Jupiter and Upper Mars. Abnormally long third finger.

Bone, Caries Of The

Case: 348.

Breast. Wound On

Capillary cross lines on Mount of Saturn.

Brain Fever

Deep Line of Liver entirely absent in the Quadrangle. Same Line ending at Line of Head, with many bars cutting Line of Life (often turns to melancholia). Line of Head quite close to Line of Life for a while.

Brain Of Man

The gray matter contained within the cavity of the skull; its connection with the various parts of the body - 24. Illustration. 25.

Brain Trouble

Plain of Mars hollow toward Head, An Influence Line from the Mount of Venus cutting Line of Head. A star on the Line of Head at the end of a Line of Influence. Line of Head wavy and inclining toward a wavy Line of Liver. A break of the Line of Head. Pale and wide Line of Head with black spots on it and Line of Life forked at the start. Line of Head starred, or crossed, by a deep bar, or badly broken, or sloping into an exaggerate, much rayed or starred Mount of the Moon.

Brain Trouble. Constitutional

Absence of the Line of Head. Island at the starting point of the Line of Head (if the trouble is inherited).

Brain Trouble Due To Guilty Intrigue

Island on Line of Influence ending in a star or black dot on Line of Head.

Brain Trouble From Disorder Of Lower Organs."

Case: 350.

Brain Troubles

Case: 191.

Brain Trouble, Temporary

Thinness of a small portion of Line of Head.

Brain. Threatened Softening Of The

Case: 239,

Brilliancy. The Line Of

The Line of the Sun. 30.

Broad Ideas

Well proportioned Palm and fingers. Square tips the best. Excellent thumb. Finely shaped Quadrangle, Line of Head long, slightly separated from the Line of Life at the start and slightly forked at the termination. Mounts of Jupiter and Venus the most prominent, though not exaggerate.


Exaggerate or much lined Upper Mount of Mars. Cross lines {especially if deep or forked) from the Percussion into the Upper Mount of Mars.

Brute Animalitv, Instincts Verging To

Thick, very hard hand. Thick, clawlike nails overrun by flesh or skin. Much hair and a naturally rough and red skin. Characterless tips; short, smooth fingers. Clubbed first Phalanx of the Thumb. Insignificant Mounts, except exaggerate Mounts of Mars and Venus. Only the three chief lines; generally short, especially the Lines of Head and Heart. A cross in the middle of the Triangle.

Bulwer, John; an Englishman; author of "Chirologia, or the Natural Language of the Hand" (London: 1644).

Burglar, The

Heavy, thick, elementary hand. Smooth, short fingers. Clubbed first Phalanx of Thumb. Mounts of Mars and Venus abnormal. Often exaggerate Mount of the Moon, square shaped at its lower part. Only the three chief lines, short and red. A star and often a grille on the Mount of Mercury, and simitar signs on the Up-per Mount of Mars, A cross in the riangle.