Dramatic Profession, Aptitude For

Square fingers with no knots, or only the second knot. Good first phalanx of the thumb. High Mounts of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury, and some Mounts of Venus and the Moon. The Lines of Life and Head separated at the start, the latter with a moderate fork at the termination.


The lower part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined A star in the same place on the mount.


Case: 114.

Dropsy Of The Heart

Case: 240,

Drowning. Danger From

An angle or a star on the Mount of the Moon, especially if found on a voyage line from the Percussion. Wavy cross Lines on first phalanges of all fingers. Lines arising also from inside the Ras-cette and ending in a star on the Mount of the Moon.

Drowning, Saved From

Case: 116.


A line or branch from the Mount of Venus or the Lines of Life or Mars terminating in a star on the Mount of the Moon. An upward line from the third angle of the Triangle ending about the center of the Mount of the Moon. See Delirium Tremens.

Du Moulin. Antoine; a Frenchman; author of "Chiromance et Physiog-nomit- par le regard des Membres de I'Homme" (1556).

Ears. Trouble With The

See Deafness.

Easier-Henderson, Eliza; an American; author of "A Guide to Palmistry" (Boston; 1895).


In a man: hands without any hair. Hand thick and flabby; or ultra thin and pale and soft. Absence of the Mounts of Mars, Jupiter and often Venus. The Mounts of the Moon and Mercury predominant.

Egotism. Unbounded

A large first phalanx of the thumb and the Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun exaggerate. The Lines very stiff and rather too highly colored. Often no Line of Heart and a Line of Head crossing the hand like a bar. Even a grille on the Mount of Jupiter Egyptian Priests - 16. (See Kabbala.)

Eloquence The Gift Of

Lines of Life and Head separated at the start. Fine Mounts of Jupiter (the statesman), of the Sun (the golden mouthed), of Mercury (the clear, practical politician). They may not all be there in the same hand. Line of Heart and Mount of Venus in good shape if the orator feels deeply what he says and speaks in defense of some noble cause. Line of Head long and forked at the termination; slightly sloping. This slope and the Mount of the Moon will infuse in the speech more poetry than common sense.

Embezzler, The

Thin, soft hand. Fingers long and knotty. Third finger above normal in length and fourth finger crooked. Mount of Mercury predominant with a star or even grille clearly marked on it. Widely forked Line of Head, one prong drooping in an exaggerate Mount of the Moon. Many worry Lines. Often exaggerate Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun (excessive vanity).

Embezzler. Husband An

Case: 106.


24. Scientific practice depending purely on experiments, not theories.

Engineering. Aptitude For

Large, square palm. Long, knotty, spatulats fingers, the second finger and the Mount of Saturn often predominant. Scientific markings on the Mount of Mercury. Large Mounts of Mars and fine, straight Line of Head.


In a man: hands slightly hairy. Hand thick and medium hard. Short nails. First phalanx of Thumb and Mounts of Mars and Jupiter predominant, with long Lines of Head often somewhat separated from the Line of Life at the start.

Engagement Broken, An

(Also applies to all sorts of attachments much more serious than '"Engagements"). Line of Heart broken; under the Mount of Saturn: circumstances, not the subject, broke the tie; under the Mount of the Sun; the subject's caprice did it; under the Mount of Mercury; love of money was the cause.

Ennemoser. Joseph; a German; author of "Geschichte der Magie" (Leipsic: 1844).

Enthusiasm For Highest Ideal

Thin. soft hands with pointed (or at least strongly conicat) fingers. The First Finger and the Mount of Jupiter especially fine. A drooping Line of Head and High Mount of the Moon. If enthusiasm purely "artistic" the Mounts of the Sun and the Moon arc predominant.


An exaggerate or much lined Mount of the Sun, with a poor fragmentary Line of the Sun. Cross lines on the third phalanx of the third finger Sometimes a kind of ring on the Mount of the Sun surrounding the base of the finger.


Line of Head sloping and broken in small fragments, with a large cross (the rays of which terminate in spots) in the Triangle.


Case: 229. Case: 348,

Eugenie, Empress

Her hands examined by Desbarrolles - 80.


The Thumb set very low down and with its first phalanx thrown very much backward. Flexibility of the fingers. Often a wide space between the Lines of Life and Head at the start, and a sloping Line of Head. A poor Mount and Line of the Sun and a Line of Fate stopping early in life.

Eves, Trouble With The

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of the Sun. An ill-formed circle on the Mount of the Sun, with a poor Line of the Sun. White Dot on Line of Life. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus, ending in a black dot or a star at the connection of the Lines of Head and the Sun. Broken Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn or the Sun. A circle on the Line of Heart under the Mount of the Sun.

Eves, Trouble With The

Case: 189,

Eye Trouble. Serious. Accidental

Case; 258.

Eve, Wound In The

Case: 164. Eyesight. Diseased. - Case: 156.

Fabricius. Johann Albert (1668-1736); a German; author of "Gedanken von der Erkenntniss der Gemuether aus der Temperamenten der Chiromantie und Physiognomic" (Jena: 1735).

Failure In Life

A very hollow Plain Of Mars.

Fainting Fits

Line of Liver connected at the start with Line of Life. Line of Heart chained or curving down to Line of Head. Fainting Fits. Strange. - Case: 353, Faithlessness. - See Inconstancy.