Death, Extraordinary Escape From

Case: 352.

Death Of A Child. Cruel

Case: 270.

Death Of Husband In A State Of Insanity

Case: 184. Case: 353.

Death On Battle Field

In a good hand with fine Mount of Jupiter and Plain of Mars, a star on the Upper Mount of Mara. A Line from the Upper Mount of Mars to the Mount of Saturn.

Death, Sudden, Often Violent

Line of Life ending in a deep spot or bar. Line of Life terminating abruptly with a few short parallel lines. Lines of Life, Head and Heart joined at the start in both hands. One short downward line on the joints of all the fingers. A cross on the Middle of the Line of Head-Violent death often marked fin a good hand) by a grille on the Upper Mount of Mars. Sec also Scaffold, Death on.

Deaths. Series Of

Case: 349.

Deceitful Disposition

Short and pale nails. Long, thin fingers. Fourth finger often crooked, or at least too long. Mounts of Mercury and the Moon predominant, the former with a distinct cross or many cross lines. A drooping, widely forked Line of Head. Decrespe, Marius; a Frenchman; author of "La Main et ses Mystères" (Paris: 1894); "Matière des Oeuvres Ma-ques" (Paris: 1893).


To Mlle. Emma Calve. Her Photograph and Autograph. Frontispiece.

Dcliracy Of Mind

Small hands - 36.

Delirium Tremens

See Alcoholic Insanity.

Denunciator, Perfidious

Case: 224.

Depravity. Moral

Thin hands with long fingers. No Mount of Jupiter or the Sun to speak of. Mounts of Mcrcury and the Moon dominant, with a much rayed and cross-rayed Mount of Venus. A double or triple Girdle of Venus. A Line of Heart starting fork-less under the Mount of Saturn. A drooping, widely forked Line of Head.

Desbarrolles, Adrien Adolphe, the great chiromant (1801-1886); wrote "Les Mystères de la Main" (Paris: 1859); "Revelations Completes" (Paris: 1879); His biography - 138. His Introduction to this book - 18. There are no English translations of his works and this volume contains all out of them that is of practical use.

Destiny, A Great

For good or evil. A long Line of Fate starting from the Rascette and penetrating into the third phalanx of the second finger. The other indications will give this marking its full significance.

Details, Love Of

Long Fingers, gen-crally knotted, especially the second knot. Long second phalanx of the thumb. Mount of Jupiter and Mercury (sometimes Saturn) dominant. Long and straight Line of Head. Little or no Mount of the Moon.


Many confused and crossed lines at the bottom of the Mount of the Moon. A cross at the same place on the Mount.


Case: 115.

Defamer Of Character, The

Thin, long hands. Pointed, crooked Fingers. Excessive Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun (Vanity). Mount of Mercury predominant and crossed. A prong of the Line of Head runs deep into a heavy Mount of the Moon.

Digestion: Impaired in Old Age. - Thick and short Line of Liver.

Disappointments In Ambition

A Line or branch from the Lines of Life or Head entering deep into the Mount of Jupiter and there barred and crossed; many cross lines on the Mounts of Saturn Or the Sun at the end of tine Lines of Fate and the Sun. Downward branches of the Lines of Life, Fate and the Sun.

Disappointments In Love

The Line of Heart barred or crossed or starred almost at the start. Many downward branches on the Line of Heart. Line or branch from the Line of Fate cutting the Line of Heart. Influence Lines from the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life cutting the Line of Heart.

Disappointments In Money Matters

See Financial Losses.

Disaster Due To Interrupted Love Af-Fair

Case: 305.

Discontent. Chronic

A thin palm, with short, smooth fingers and a small first phalanx of the Thumb. A poor Line of Life and wretched Lines of Heart and Liver. Many worry Lines. The Mount of the Moon predominant or much rayed. See Misanthropy.

Discoverers In Dangerous Countries

Hand proper shorter than fingers with spatulate tips. Strong, hard palm. Third finger much above average. Mounts of Mars, Jupiter and the Moon predominant, with a large Mount of the Sun. Line of Head slightly drooping.

Discovery Of An Intrigue

Case: 289.


Fourth Finger crooked. Mount of Mercury starred.

Dishonorable Instincts

Fingers crooked, especially First and Fourth.


Most complete indication: A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus cutting an upward branch of the Line of Life and ending under or on the Mount of Mercury; clearer still if it cuts a Line of Union. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus ending in a fork as it reaches the Line of Heart.

Divorce Against The Subject

A fork at the start of the Line of Union, especially when accompanied by the indications marked above.

Divorce In Favor Of Subject

A Line of Union terminating in a fork, especially with the indications marked under the heading Divorce.

Divorce; Lawsuit; Loss

Case: 189.

Divorce Twice Announced In The Hand

Case: 348.

Dizziness, Fits Of

Line of Head terminating at the Line of Heart under Mount of Mercury.

Domestic Troubles

Plain of Mars hollow toward Life. Lints of Influence from the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life cutting the other Main Lines. (For each kind of trouble see separate headings.)

Dreamer. The

Long, slender, pointed Fingers; thin, elongated palm. Prominent Mounts of the Moon, Venus and sometimes Saturn (if the dreams are tinged with sadness), Very drooping Line of Head. A line of Intuition, often islanded at the start. A cross close to the Line of the Sun. (Religious ecstasy.)

Dreaming. Useless

Hand proper longer than fingers with pointed tips. Hand thick and soft. Exaggerate Mounts of the Moon and drooping Line of Head. No Mounts of Mars and very little other Mounts,