Composer Of Music

(See Music, Apti-tude for.) Add to it a strong Mount of Mercury (for calculation) and put square fingers instead of pointed or conical. There will be less Mount of Venus than Mount of the Moon.

Concentration. Lack Of

A weak, short Thunb. Short, smooth Fingers with a soft Palm. Mounts of Jupiter, Mercury and Mars absent or insignificant. The Mounts of the Moon, and sometimes the Sun, are generally exaggerate, Poor, drooping Line of Head. Often confused and even cross lines on the Mount of the Sun.

Concentration, Power Of

Strong, long thumb Long, knotted fingers. Fine Mounts of Jupiter, Mercury and Lower Mars. Long and straight Line of Head. Insignificant Mount of the Moon.

Consistency Of Hand. How To Judge

37. Its importance in the diagnosis of Disposition and Health. See Hand Convantionality.

Proper And Palm Combined. Constancy

A strong first Phalanx of the Thumb and a dominant Lower Mount of Mars. Line of Heart beginning forked into the Mount of Jupiter, the latter quite prominent. A long, straight Line of Head. Mount of Venus visible but not very strong. Very little, if any, Mount of the Moon. Few, if any, worry lines. Constitution,Weak. - Hand, thin, narrow and meager. Nails long, thin and brittheLine of Life chained or linked. A number of downward branches on the Line of Life. Very poor Line of Liver. The state of the Lines of Head and Heart and the nature of the markings on the Mounts (generally very low) will tell the cause of the weakness. Constitution. Well Balanced. - Pink and mottled skin. Perfect nails. Elastic. medium thick palm. The three chief Lines long and clear, hardly redder than the skin. No worry lines. The Mounts clear of any untoward markings, but slightly bulging and very firm under touch. An excellent Line of Liver is considered essential to secure perfect health. Consumption, Tendency to. - Very thin Palm, with long, knotty fingers. Nails long, thin, brittle, convex and fluted.

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Jupiter. Many islands on the Line of Liver. Many islands on the Line of Head. The Line of Life is sure to show many weak points if the consumptive tendency assumes Fatal proportions. Contents, Table of - 7, Continuity in Thought or Action, Lack at: - Case; 228. Conventionality,. Excess of. - Hair on two lower phalanges of fingers. Stiff fingers, close together and sometimes slightly bent forward. Stiff, rather long first phalanx of the Thumb. The Lines of Life and Head connected for quite a while. Narrow Quadrangle. due to Line of Heart curving down abnormally toward Line of Head.

Corruption, Early

A very strong (often double) Girdle of Venus in both hands, - with crooked fingers, even as a child, and a, wavy or starred Line of Heart. Often a very short, fragmentary Line of Head.

Corvus Andreas

Andreas; an Italian; author of "L'art de Chyromance," first published in Latin (Venice: 1500).

Cotton, Louise

Cotton, Louise, an Englishwoman; author of "Palmistry and Its Practical Uses" (London: 1892),


(From cor: heart in Latin.) A long Line of Heart, starting deep and high into the Mount of Jupiter, with large and firm Mounts and Plain of Mars. The First Phalanx of the Thumb is above normal and the Line of Head straight and clear. Line of Liver excellent or absent. All the lines a trifle redder than usual, indicating a generous blood. Mounts of Venus and Jupiter very fine. The Palm firm and the fingers "usually long. This is not, however, an absolute indication.


In a mam Hands without any hair. Hand thick and flabby. Nails long, thin and narrow. Fingers bent forward. Mounts of Mars and Jupiter (often Venus) insignificant. The Mounts of Saturn and the Moon (fear) and Mercury (self interest) exaggerate or badly rayed. The Triangle small and formed of lines much curved inwards.

Craig. A. R.; an Englishman; author of "The Book of the Hand" (London: 1867), and "Your Luck's in Your Hand" (London and New York; 1884).

Cringle. Tom; an Englishman; author of "The Hand and the Physiognomy of the Human Form" (Melbourne: 1868).

Crippled By Cruel Relative. Child

Case: 348.

Crippled Through Womb Troubles

Case: 240.

Critic, The Bom

Short nails with soft palm Fingers spatulate or square.

with strong first knot. Second phalanges of all fingers and thumbs above normal. The Mount of Mercury predominant. Some Upper Mount of Mars and often a cross in the Plain of Mars.

Cruelty. Instincts Of Slow

Very small hands; hairy hands (in woman). Very longr thin fingers, with a small palm. The Mounts of Saturn and the Moon strangely developed. Surprisingly insignificant Mount of Mars. Mount of Venus and Line of Heart often absent. Mounts of Mercury (ruse) and the Sun (envy) exaggerate or badly lined. Drooping Line of Head. Often a very bad Line of Liver. Very narrow Quadrangle whenever the Line of Heart happens to be there.

Cruelty, Violent

See Brute Animality.

Cureau de la Chambre; a Frenchman; author of "Discours sur les Principes de la Chiromancie" (Paris: 1653).


Straggling fingers, very flexible and showing light between; short nails. Mounts of the Sun. Mercury and the Moon predominant. Many worry lines. Lines of Head and Life often separated at the start.

Dale. I. B.; an Englishwoman; author of "Indian Palmistry" (London: 1896).

Deaf And Dumb

Case: 170.


Dots and often island on Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn, with a rather bulging Mount of Venus. An exaggerate or much rayed Mount of Saturn.


Case: 97. Case: 235,. Case:

350 Death Bringing About Happy Events.

- Case: 306. Death by Apoplexy. - Two parallel lines from Line of Heart low down into

Mount Of The Moon. Death, Disastrous

Case: 193. Death. Early, - A short Line of Life in both hands. The Lines of Head and Heart stopping short before reaching the Line of Fate. The Line of Head coming up wavy to the Line of Heart under the Mount of Mercury.