THE PRE-OPENING PERIOD, while the group is coming together, affords a chance to have access to various exhibits of Scout or Cub craft work, or various books or forms used in Scouting. Charts on rural life or Rural Scouting also are needed. (See Chapter X (Making And Using Charts).) It may prove desirable to have several Scouts demonstrating different Scout projects and activities in this period.

THE OPENING PERIOD (20 min.). If a good song leader is available, the session may be opened with group singing-introductions of faculty and students -general announcements-present each of the Course Patrol Leaders who will announce his Patrol as prepared in advance from the registration list. These Patrols then meet in designated rooms or corners and select a Patrol name and its call-following which each Patrol can be introduced and give its call.

DISCUSSION PERIOD (20 min.). "What is Rural Scouting?" Here it proves helpful to give a mimeographed list, or refer men to the early pages of this chapter (also Chapter I) of this book for statements and outlines of the general plan of Rural Scouting. Charts may be used. (See Chapter X (Making And Using Charts).)

PRACTICE PERIOD (45 min. or more) on rural uses of farm size rope (see Handbook for Boys, pp. 79-86)-including the whipping the ends of a rope, midshipman's hitch, halters and bridles, barrel sling, miller's knot, the diamond hitch-as well as rope making with a simple rope machine. (See Chapter XXXIV (Rural Crafts).) The Patrols constitute the units for this work.

DISCUSSION PERIOD (30 min.). "The Rural Boy and His Needs"-setting forth how many boys there are, where located, the chores, hours of work, needs, recreation, interests and life outlook. (See Chapters I, IX, X.)

Apple Culture Demonstration New Hampshire


CLOSING CEREMONY (10-15 min.). A candle ceremony for inducting a Tenderfoot Scout may be put on by one Patrol as a closing part of the program, preceding it with any necessary announcements. (See Handbook for Scoutmasters.)

The Second Two-Hour Session

This should follow the same general structural lines as the first session.

PRE-OPENING PERIOD-the exhibits should relate to first aid, including bandages, splints, first-aid kits or cabinets, use of Scout neckerchief and other emergency equipment, poles for stretcher, Scout service in first aid on farms and in the home as applied to both man and beast.

OPENING PERIOD (10 min.). Songs and perhaps group stunts. Assigning the opening program to a different Patrol for each meeting.

DISCUSSION PERIOD (40 min.). "How Scouting is Organized to Serve Rural Boys"-"Organization of Council and Districts" (See Chapters I and XI); "Varied Forms of Offering Scouting" (See Chapter I); "District Commissioners Staff Service" (See Chapter XIII (District Commissioner Staff And Service To Rural Groups)).

PRACTICE PERIOD (40 min.). First Aid. (See Handbook for Boys, pp. 116-136, pp. 227-256). Here the Troop or Tribe breaks up into individual Patrols. Demonstration and practice on triangular bandage, bandages for head, hand, foot and sprained ankle, arm sling, splint, various carries, artificial respiration, animal bandaging.

DISCUSSION PERIOD (30-40 min.). "How to Organize Rural Scout Groups" (see Chapters XV and XVII). This involves use of the Boy-Fact Survey (see Chapter XVI (Making Boy-Fact Survey)); "How to Organize Rural Troops" (see Chapters XV, XVII, XXIII); "Neighborhood Patrols" (see Chapters I, IX, XI); "Lone Scout Tribes" (see Chapters X and XXXIII); "Lone Cub 'Buddy Units' " (see Chapters X and XXXIII); with similar opportunities for Senior Scouts in their various units such as Ship, Patrol, Crew and Troop.

MAKING THE SCOUT HEALTH CABINET-each course member to make one-adapting the size to the place where it is to be used. (See Chapter XXXIV (Rural Crafts).)

CLOSING CEREMONY-may be handled by the Patrol assigned to that job. A song, blow "taps", the "Scoutmaster's Benediction", or a circle with joined hands are samples of many appropriate closing ceremonies.

The Third Two-Hour Session

PRE-OPENING PERIOD. The materials for exhibits should cover The Flag of the United States, signaling, compass and map making. Exhibits might also be aimed at Cubbing and include crafts, photographs, Uniform, Badges, rural Scout projects of all kinds.

OPENING PERIOD (10 min.). A "Flag Ceremony" may be put on by one Patrol, previously assigned the job. Songs and announcements.

Discussion Period (30-40 min.)

"HOW TO BUILD PROGRAMS FOR RURAL SCOUT GROUPS" (see Chapters I, X, XXIII to XXXVI). "Program Building" by S. M. and his Patrol Leaders (see "Handbook for S. M."); "Cub Pack and Den Programs" (see "Cubmaster's Packbook"); "Senior Scout Programs" (see "Adventuring for Senior Scouts"). A typical Troop, Tribe or Patrol Program for a meeting, may be developed on a blackboard or each may prepare his own, preceding a blackboard presentation.

PRACTICE PERIOD (60 min. or more). (By Patrols.) "SCOUTING ACTIVITIES FOR RURAL NEIGHBORHOODS." Signaling practice (see "Handbook for Boys", pp. 137-148, 212-224); compass use (see "Handbook for Boys", p. 172, also "Handbook for Scoutmasters"); map reading (see "Handbook for Boys", pp. 266-280; the use of knife, hatchet, axe can be explored by the men themselves. (See "Handbook for Boys", pp. 164-165).

DISCUSSION PERIOD (30-40 min.). "How to run Rural Scouting Meetings" (see "Handbook for Scoutmasters); the place of ceremonies (see "Handbook for Scoutmasters" and "Cubmaster's Pack Book"); games (see "The Where Book of Games", also "Handbook for Boys", pp. 575-583, Cub games in the Cub books); rural projects (see Chapters XXV, XXVII, XXVIII); demonstrations (see Chapter XXVIII (Rural Scout Exhibits And Demonstrations)); songs (see "Scout Song Book", also "Handbook for Boys", pp. 584-592); story telling (see "Cubmaster's Pack Book"); also discuss the Patrol (see "Patrol Leaders' Handbook"), the Patrol Leaders, Assistant Scoutmasters, Scoutmasters and Troop or Tribe Committee showing what each does (see "Handbook for Scoutmasters"); the advancement program (see Chapter XXI (The District Advancement Committee At Work In Rural Sections)). All references given call for adapting the instructions on a rural service basis.

CLOSING PERIOD (10 min.). In charge of one Patrol. A "Second Class" investiture ceremony or a "Cub ceremony" may be put on as a closing demonstration. The purpose of all ceremonies is to show leaders many different best methods of conducting them.