Arabella Or Arbella Stuart, often called the lady Arabella, the only child of Charles Stuart, earl of Lennox, brother of Darnley and uncle of James L, born about 1575, died in the tower of London, Sept. 27, 1615. She was related to Queen Elizabeth in the same degree as her cousin James, the successor to the throne; and this relationship made her the subject of constant intrigues. An early plan to marry her to her relative Lord Esme Stuart was defeated by Elizabeth's opposition; several similar schemes failed from various causes; and she was still unmarried when in 1803 Sir Walter Raleigh was accused of a plot to raise her to the throne. This design probably never existed, but the accusation brought her into public notice, and made her situation still more dangerous; and further hostility was aroused against her by the discovery in 1610 that she had been secretly married to William Seymour, grandson of the earl of Hertford. Seymour was at once committed to the tower, and the lady Arabella placed in the custody first of Sir Thomas Parry at Lambeth and afterward of the bishop of Durham. While on the journey to Durham she escaped by feigning illness (June, 1611), and made her way to a French vessel waiting for her and her husband, the latter having also escaped from the tower.

He did not get to the ship, which sailed without him; but it was captured before reaching the French coast, while the small vessel in which he took passage later made the passage safely. Lady Arabella was thrown into the tower, where she became ill from neglect and ill treatment, and finally insane a short time before her death.