Bridgeton, a city, port of entry, and the capital of Cumberland co., New Jersey, situated on both sides of Oohansey creek, 20 m. from its entrance into Delaware bay, 60 m. S. S. W. of Trenton, and 40 m. 8. of Philadelphia, with which it is connected by the West Jersey railroad; pop. in 1870, 6,830. The city is divided into three wards, is neatly built, and its opposite parts are connected by a drawbridge across the creek. It contains 8 churches, a court house, a bank, two academies, a public library, and two newspaper offices, also an extensive iron foundery, a rolling mill, nail, glass, and woollen factories, besides other manufactories. Ship building forms an important industry; 13 vessels (12 sailing and 1 steam) of 389 tons were built here in 1870. The trade of the city employs a large number of schooners and sloops. In 1871 the total number of vessels registered, enrolled, and licensed here was 282, with an aggregate tonnage of 15,113 tons. The town of Cohansey was annexed to Bridgeton in 1868.