Buddeus (originally Budde). I. Jotaann Franz, a German theologian, born at Anklam, June 25, 1667, died at Gotha, Nov. 19, 1729. He was a descendant of the French scholar Bude or Budaeus. In 1689 he became adjunct professor of theology at Wittenberg, in 1693 professor of moral philosophy at Halle, in 1705 professor of theology at Jena, and in 1713 church councillor at Gotha. As a theologian he endeavored to harmonize conflicting opinions. He was a voluminous writer, and among his principal works are: Historia Juris Naturae, et Synopsis Juris Naturm et Gentium (Jena, 1695); Institutiones Theologies Moralis (Leipsic, 1711); Historia Ecclesiastica Veteris Testamenti (Halle, 1709); and Institutiones Theologies Dogmaticae (Leipsic, 1728). II. Au-relio, a German traveller and author, a descendant of the preceding, born at Altenburg in 1817. He studied medicine, travelled over a great part of Europe, and became one of the editors of the Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung. He has published several works upon Russia, among which are: St. Petersburg im kranken Leben (Stuttgart, 1846); Halbrussisches (Leipsic, 1847); Russland unter Alexander II. (Leipsic, I860); and Russlands sociale Gegenwart und der Aufstand in Polen (Leipsic, 1863). He has also written Schweizerland (Leipsic, 1853); Europdische Chronik, 1855 (5 vols., Frankfort, 1855-6); and Europdisches Jahrbuch, 1856 (Gotha, 1857).