Ray Palmer, an American author, born at Little Compton, R. I., Nov. 12, 1808. He graduated at Yale college in 1830, studied theology at New Haven, and was ordained in 1835 as pastor of the central Congregational church in Bath, Me. In 1850 he became pastor of the first Congregational church in Albany, N. Y., and in 1866 secretary of the American Congregational union in New York, which office he still holds (1875). In 1852 he received the degree of D. D. from Union college. He has written many hymns and sacred poems which have gained a wide popularity, the best known being the hymn " My faith looks up to Thee." His principal works are: "The Spirit's Life," a poem (1837); " Spiritual Improvement " (1839), enlarged as "Closet Hours" (1851); "Doctrinal Text Book" (1839); "Hints on the Formation of Religious Opinions " (1860); " Hymns and Sacred Pieces" (1865); " Remember Me, or the Holy Communion" (1865); "Hymns of my Holy Hours" (1867); " Home, or the Unlost Paradise," a poem in four parts (1872); and " Earnest Words on True Success in Life" (1873).