Richard Robert Madden, an Irish author, born in Dublin in 1798. In 1829 he became a fellow of the royal college of surgeons. From 1833 to 1847 he was employed in the civil service, especially in connection with the suppression of the slave trade, and as a commissioner he visited the United States, Jamaica, and Cuba. In 1847 he was colonial secretary of Western Australia; and since 1850 he has been secretary to the loan fund board in Dublin castle. His principal works are: "Travels in Turkey, Egypt, etc, in 1824-'7 " (2 vols., London, 1829); " The Mussulman, a Tale " (3 vols., 1830); " The Infirmities of Genius" (2 vols., 1833); "A Twelvemonth's Residence in the West Indies" (2 vols., 1835); " The United Irishmen of 1798 " (in 3 series, 2 vols, each, 1842, '3, '6); "Connection of the Kingdom of Ireland with the Crown of England" (1815); "Shrines and Sepulchres of the Old and New World " (1851); "The Life and Martyrdom of Savonarola" (1854); " Memoirs of the Countess of Blessing-ton" (1855); " Phantasmata, or Illusions and Fanaticisms of an Epidemic Character " (1857); "The Turkish Empire in its Relations with Christianity and Civilization" (1860); "Galileo and the Inquisition" (1863); and "The History of Irish Periodical Literature" (1st series, 2 vols. 8vo, 1867).