Ruy Gonzalez De Clavijo, one of the ambassadors of Henry III. of Castile to Tamerlane, died in Madrid in 1412. He wrote a minute account of the whole embassy, its adventures and its results. It was first published in 1582 by Argote de Molina, an antiquary of the time of Philip II., under the title of Historia del gran Tamerlan, etc, though it contained only a diary of the ambassadors, beginning in May, 1403, when they embarked at Puerto Santa Maria, near Cadiz, and ending in March, 1406, when they landed there on their return. A new and excellent edition appeared in Madrid in 1782. This work contains interesting descriptions of Constantinople, Trebizond, Teheran, and of Sa-marcand, where the ambassadors were sumptuously entertained by Tamerlane. Clavijo on his return to Madrid was received with distinction by the king; he was one of the witnesses of the king's will, and was buried in the convent of St. Francis. His life is to be found in vol. iv. of Hijos de Madrid, etc. (Madrid, 1789).