Saint Maurice, a river of Quebec, Canada, rising on the N. border of the province, and emptying into the St. Lawrence at Three Rivers, after a tortuous S. course of more than 400 m. Its banks are generally high, in some places from 200 to 1,000 ft., and are covered with groups of majestic trees. It expands into numerous lakes, contains several islands, and has a great variety of cascades and falls. The falls of Grande Mere and the Shawenegan falls, about 30 m. from its mouth, are particularly attractive. It is navigable for a few miles near its mouth, and after an interruption of about 40 m. there is another navigable stretch of 75 m. Its chief tributaries are the Manouan, Ribbon, Flamand, Vermilion, Rat, Mattawin or Mattuin, and Shawenegan from the west, and the Windigo, Trenche, Grande Pierriche, Croche, Grand Bostonnais, Petit Bostonnais, and Mekinak from the east.

Saint Maurice #1

Saint Maurice, a county of Quebec, Canada, bounded S. E. by the St. Lawrence, just below Lake St. Peter; area, 2,585 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 10,658, of whom 10,519 were of French origin or descent. It extends N. W. from the river to the limits of the province, and is watered by several lakes and streams. Capital, Yamachiche.