I. An American Clergyman

An American Clergyman, born at Northbridge, Mass., Feb. 27, 1746, died in Newburyport, March 4, 1819. He graduated at Princeton college in 1771, and in 1775 became a chaplain in the continental army, and accompanied the expedition under Col. Arnold to Canada. In 1777 he was ordained pastor of a church in Newburyport. He was a man of great influence and weight of character, and as the leading minister of the Hopkinsian party was active' in promoting the union of the two parties in the Congregational churches, effected by the establishment of the Andover theological seminary, and also in originating the American board of commissioners for foreign missions.

II. Gardiner

Gardiner, an American clergyman, son of the preceding, born in Newburyport, Mass., Feb. 24, 1785, died in New York, Aug. 18,1873. He graduated at Yale college in 1805, and taught and studied in Bermuda nearly two years. After his return he was admitted to the bar in December, 1808, and practised more than a year. He then studied at Andover seminary, and was ordained as pastor of the Brick church (Presbyterian) in Beckman street, New York, Aug. 10, 1810, in which office he continued till his death. In 1856 he removed with his congregation to the new church on Murray hill. During the last years of his life Dr. Spring seldom preached, his place being filled by an assistant. His works, chiefly courses of sermons and lectures, are: "Essays on the Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character" (1813); "Fragments from the Study of a Pastor" (1838); "Obligations of the World to the Bible" (1844); "The Attraction of the Cross " (1845); " The Bible not of Man " (1847); "Discourses to Seamen" (1847); "The Power of the Pulpit" (1848); "The Mercy Seat" (1849); "First Things" (2 vols. 8vo, 1851); " The Glory of Christ" (2 vols., 1852); " Contrast between Good and Bad Men " (2 vols., 1855); "Pulpit Ministrations" (2 vols., 1864); and " Personal Reminiscences of the Life and Times of Gardiner Spring" (2 vols., 18G6).