Santa Catharina, a S. E. province of Brazil, bounded N. W. and N. by Paraná, E. by the Atlantic, and S. and S. W. by São Pedro; area, 28,220 sq. m.; pop. about 140,000. The island of Santa Catharina, separated from the mainland by a strait varying in width from 1/4 m. to 7 m., is about 30 m. long from N. to S., and about 10 m. wide. The strait is divided into two good harbors, the northern being one of the best in South America. The island is mostly covered with fine woods and abounds with water; its climate is temperate and salubrious. The coast of the mainland is level, but the interior is traversed by the Serra do Mar. The Uruguay has its source in this province. The climate is temperate. The province is one of the most fertile in Brazil, but not well settled. Beds of good bituminous coal have been discovered. Considerable oil is prepared from whales taken in the strait, and timber and cordage are exported. There are flourishing German colonies in the province. Capital, Desterro.