I. Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste, a French painter, born in Aix, Provence, Jan. 14, 1684, died there, Dec. 19, 1745. He was descended from a family of Dutch painters, and found a patron in the prince of Carignano at Turin, who enabled him to study in Rome, and in 1719 presented him in Paris to the regent duke of Orleans, who employed him extensively. This made his fortune as a portrait painter, and he also excelled in other departments of art; and he became a teacher in the academy. From 1738 till about 1740 he was in London, where according to Walpole he " bore away the chief business from every other painter".

II. Charles Andre

Charles Andre, better known as Carle Vanloo, brother of the preceding, born in Nice in 1705, died in Paris in 1765. He enjoyed a great reputation as a painter of history and portraits. In 1761 he was appointed director of the French academy of fine arts, and in. 1762 painter to the king. His son Cesar succeeded him as director, and two of his nephews, Louis Michel and Charles Amedee Philippe, became first painters to the kings of Spain and Prussia.