Walter William Skeat, an English philologist, born in London, Nov. 21, 1835. He graduated at Christ's college, Cambridge, in 1858, became a fellow there in 18G0, mathematical lecturer in 18G4, and afterward English lecturer. In 1873 he helped to found the English dialect society, and he has edited most of its publications. Besides continuing for the Cambridge press the Anglo-Saxon Gospels begun by J. M. Kemble, and editing several publications for the Oxford press, the philological society, and the early English text society, he has published " The Songs and Ballads of Uhland," translated from the German (1864); "A Tale of Ludlow Castle" (1866); "A Mceso-Gothic Glossary " (1868); " Hand List of some Cognate Words in English, Latin, and Greek" (1871); " Questions for Examination in English Literature" (1873); " The Gospels of St. Mark and St. Luke, in Anglo-Saxon and Northumberland Versions synoptically arranged, with Collations exhibiting all the Readings of all the Manuscripts" (2 vols., 1875); and "Plutarch-Shakespeare," biographies (vol. i., 1875).